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Brooklyn Heights Promenade & Tequila!

Hello fans out there! (funny?)

Happy freaking Friday. Yesterday was a sweet sweet day all around. After work I met my friend Jamie for dinner at Dos Caminos, which is a really great Mexican restaurant in Manhattan. We shared the guacamole (aka guac), which we don’t understand how they make so good, and both got the scallops. YUM!

Afterwards, Jamie suggested we take a walk on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, and I contemplated saying “nah, I think I’m going to call it a night,” but, that would’ve been foolish. Adventure time! The promenade was actually very beautiful, amazing view! Check it out:Brooklyn Heights Promenade View

After another 5:30am wake up today followed by a quick 2.5 mile run and a short short (and short means sweet) work day, I’m about to meet up with my friend Amanda and D for some more Mexican food :)…. this time at Blockheads on 3rd and 33rd— $3 margaritas! Wahoo!

Here’s to summer.

3.3 Miles for 1 Million Dollars!

Yeah right, but damn, wouldn’t that be cool?I’d be made of money honey.

Stole this image from Google, honestly.

Stole this image from Google, honestly.

This morning I woke up at bright and early 5:30am. Holy moly mel. This is because I passed out last night at 8:30. Nice! My run this morning was fantastic, I did the regular 3.3 mile route and I felt fast and strong the entire time. Wahoo! Check out my last post to see the route, or click here.

I am considering running a race in Staten Island this Saturday– a 5k at Clove Lakes Park. The determining factors will be (a) how late I stay out on Friday night and (b) how gutsy I feel Saturday morning.  This will be the first race I’ve ran since a fun run in college. Whoa, baby.

Stay tuned!

Be Easy

I turned 24 this weekend (aah!), and after 2 nights of heavy drinking, I guess I can’t really expect too much of myself as runner Mel. Following my long run on Saturday, I was really pumped to crank out another winner on Sunday, and even mapped out a new route as I promised myself (and you, yet to come readers) that I’d explore.

I started passing through the park and just could not imagine having to think about where I was headed. Instead, I opted to run a regular route of mine which is about 3.3 miles up Bedford Avenue to South 5th , Across to Marci, and Down Meeker.

You check out the route here.

All in all, it was a pretty blah run. But you know what? Not all runs need to be stellar. Sometimes it’s just as great to take it easy and let your mind relax and wander. I netted out pretty slow, probably around 10 minute miles, and was very happy to finish. And just when the blahs seemed to take over, I found myself in front of my neighbors unbelievably beautiful rose bush, and stopped, to.. well.. smell the roses.
Honestly, the cliche of it made it all that better 🙂 and the blahs went away.