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Self Inflicted Sore Butt

In honor of runapalooza, I crammed in a run yesterday while my laundry was going and I had dinner plans in about an hour and a half. That left me about 30 minutes to get a run in, and I was hoping for an ass-kicking workout to balance out the gorging that this weekend consisted of.

To get the most bang for my buck (butt?) I did intervals of sprinting and jogging, mixed in with walking lunges. I never do walking lunges–where did I pull this fancy move from? Let alone I definitely looked like an idiot lunging up Driggs Ave past tables of vegan-eating hipsters (not knockin’ it, just painting the picture).

So, today my ass is killing me, and I kinda love it. This morning on my run I stopped at the park and did push ups in the grass as well. This is like mini-Mel strength training, go team! … team of 1.

By the way if you’re near McCarren Park and are lookin for some eats, check out this place Urban Rustic, it’s all organic, local ingredients, very yummy:

urban rustic

In case you’re interested I got turkey, tomato, arugula, olives, and swiss, grilled on homemade whole wheat bread. delicious.


Is what I’m going to turn this summer into. Check out the view from in front of the street of my apartment:


The park is begging me to run right through it. “Melanie! Come run in me!” (it talks?). I’m about to go kick my ass for perhaps 4 miles? I need to feel my legs and lungs burn; the craving is coming back and I love it. 

Bedford Ave is a sloppy fantastic mess today full of vendors, musicians, skaters – and I mean real skaters; I did a double take an hour ago driving past and there was a crew of maybe 30 kids doing tricks with MJ blasting (moment of silence for MJ). Therefore I’ve decided to try a new route and steer clear of that zone to avoid a hit and run incident ..get it?? hit.. and run? I can’t wait to get back here victoriously sweating. Isn’t that the best feeling?

Anyway. Runapalooza ’09 is on. If you book them, they will come..  Wayne’s World anyone?

Need My Music

Do you listen to music while you run?

It fuels me. I have my ‘get pumped up!!’ run playlist that kicks my mental ass into gear every morning. Wouldn’t it great if it kicked my literal ass into shape too? 


dancin' shoes

dancin' shoes



There have been a handful of times when I accidently left my ipod at the office, or broke my headphones and thought “Oh no! How am I going to run without music?!”. I got out there anyway, and was grateful during the run to hear the birds and pay attention to the life around me. Sometimes it’s nice to let the atmosphere permeate every part of me, and I found myself looking at the sun and smiling. Why is this sounding like chic-flick sobfest ’09? Onto the music! 

On my ass-kickin playlist:

  • Incubus – all albums. thank you brandon, you’re a good man. I will see you in August and maybe we’ll make out?
  • Third Eye Blind – something about the positive tone in his voice gives me a spark while I run
  • Cake – jammy goodness
  • Muse
  • Counting Crows – ever seen them live? so. good.
  • A Perfect Circle
  • Matchbook Romance – you might think emo, but judge me not. rockin.
  • Tool – if you want to forget your feet are moving beneath you, try this.
  • Chili Peppers
  • Weezer
  • Alanis Morissette – i personally think she will always rock.

Then there are mornings when I really just want to appreciate the time I have to be out and alive, and want more chill music. I used to always start a run with the mindset of pushing myself as hard as I could; but recently discovered that running just to breathe is beautiful.

On my chill out playlist:

  • Anna Nalick
  • Sufjan Stevens – beautiful songs
  • Jewel – my first musical love
  • Feist
  • REM
  • Mae
  • Emery
  • DMB – anyone have thoughts on the new album?
  • Ben Folds

What do you run to?

Splenda-Free Week Recap

Splenda Free week ended yesterday, and I’ve definitely made some adjustments that will stick, and others that won’t. I started the SF week because I was consuming entirely too much of the artificial white crack  powder.

Adjustments over the past week included:

sugar in the RAW, baby

sugar in the RAW, baby

  • Using 1 or 2 packets of white processed sugar or sugar in the raw in my coffee (that is the lovely Gregory’s milk counter holding my coffee).
  • Adding only honey in my Greek yogurt
  • Steering clear of any sugar-free products, which means diet sodas, low fat jams, and what have you becuase they replace the sweetness by using splenda-like artificial products.

Overall, I didn’t feel different at all physically. The fake stuff never induced headaches for me, or gave me stomach aches. I DID feel cleaner, and healthier, every time I consciously turned it down.

So interestingly enough (or is this boring?), I don’t really feel a need to swear it off for the rest of my life. I’ve decided that I DO prefer 1 packet of the fake stuff in my coffee, but I definitely DO NOT need it in Greek yogurt, or in food products. I’m sure the Greek gods are smiling down on me right now, while munching on their olive branches.

No, i don’t think Greek gods really munch on olive branches.. probably just rock them as hats… where can I get an olive branch hat?

Jelly Legs & Beverage Consumption

Today and yesterday when I got outside of my apartment to run (at around 6:45am) my legs felt like jelly! Yesterday I was completely confused and just ran through it. Today, I was ready for it, and I accepted it. I started out by walking down the block, and it actually felt really nice to just walk and relax rather than immediately start pounding the pavement and getting into “run mode” (can I coin this term?).

I ended up walking 2 blocks to start and then felt wonderful and began my run. I used the track at McCarren Park today for a bit and it was awesome- I really shouldn’t take it for granted that I live a 6 minute run from a track! I ran past all the walkers and felt super cool.. and got passed by speed demons and felt like a loser.

When I got back I slammed down a mini glass of EmergenC:


I’m aware that taking a multi-vitamin would probably be even better, but they just don’t taste as good. The citrusy carbonation makes my tongue happy. Does anyone else love this stuff? I wish they sold it like 2 liter soda.

Then once at work, I hit up G’s for a medium coffee :). Ahhh, coffee.


You Fiend, You.

Perhaps we’ve been dealing with the lesser evil here. Splenda? Is this truly an addiction? No, it’s more like abuse. True addiction is when you physically and mentally feel like you can’t live without something.

I give you: COFFEE.

Let me begin by saying this is by no  means a new discovery of mine. I started drinking coffee regularly in college and told myself “I won’t have a cup everyday; I don’t want to be one of those people who needs the stuff”. Well dude, good job, you’re officially a caffeine junky.


This morning I got a small Greg’s (the epic place I visit every morning), used 2 packets of Sugar in the Raw, and thought, “another small victory for mel!” Day 6, no splenda, and 2 packets of sugar in raw tasted really good in the coffee. This is more sweetener than I’ve used all week- so far sticking to 1 packet of regular processed sugar.

But, as I sit here, all I can think about is getting another small cup of company coffee because a little more of a kick in the butt right now would be great to start my day. And as soon as I’m finished with this post, I’m getting some. So total, this would be 24 oz of coffee this morning.

Which is more evil? The coffee or the splenda? I sense a battle coming on.


Fresh Fruit + Fructose

What a weird title. I was going for alliteration there.. “Fresh fruit + splenda”, not as catchy, right?

So this is day 5 of splenda free week. Yesterday was successful – 2 opportunities to use the stuff, 2 victories. However, it’s possible that I broke the rules. On Friday night, I grabbed a sugar-free RedBull to kick the night off. People, if I didn’t intentionally use the yellow packet, am I still in the clear?! Shoot. I think I’m still safe… mostly because I made this challenge so I can make the rules, and it makes me feel better to let that one go. Ha, oh Mel, you’re fooling no one.

This morning again I got Starbucks, but I forgot to put in the whole milk, and honestly it tastes like straight up coffee grinds. Not delicious. Sweetness, I miss you.

To make up for this bad taste that I continue to sip on, I picked up some fresh fruit this morning on my walk in Brooklyn. There’s a small store right off the Graham Ave stop on the L and the colors of all the fruit in there were rockin:


nice melons

nice melons

I grabbed some grapefruits and peaches and am eating a peach as I type this (which I will regret when my keyboard is sticky later). Fruit is delicious. Possibly goes better with coffee than carrots.