Fresh Fruit + Fructose

What a weird title. I was going for alliteration there.. “Fresh fruit + splenda”, not as catchy, right?

So this is day 5 of splenda free week. Yesterday was successful – 2 opportunities to use the stuff, 2 victories. However, it’s possible that I broke the rules. On Friday night, I grabbed a sugar-free RedBull to kick the night off. People, if I didn’t intentionally use the yellow packet, am I still in the clear?! Shoot. I think I’m still safe… mostly because I made this challenge so I can make the rules, and it makes me feel better to let that one go. Ha, oh Mel, you’re fooling no one.

This morning again I got Starbucks, but I forgot to put in the whole milk, and honestly it tastes like straight up coffee grinds. Not delicious. Sweetness, I miss you.

To make up for this bad taste that I continue to sip on, I picked up some fresh fruit this morning on my walk in Brooklyn. There’s a small store right off the Graham Ave stop on the L and the colors of all the fruit in there were rockin:


nice melons

nice melons

I grabbed some grapefruits and peaches and am eating a peach as I type this (which I will regret when my keyboard is sticky later). Fruit is delicious. Possibly goes better with coffee than carrots.

3 responses to “Fresh Fruit + Fructose

  1. Wow, good for you to try to get off artificial sweetener!

    Me, I am diabetic, so its pretty much a staple – I wonder how I could eliminate it though – that’s food for thought!

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Go you for ridding splenda from your diet! I agree that whole milk can make coffee taste creamier and less bitter.

    Will be checking back-in to see your progress!

  3. Thanks! haha definitely tough food for thought. I guess it would mean giving up ‘sweet’ in general. If i was you i’d stick to the fake stuff for the yum factor ;).

    Just read your post on fried food. holy cow.

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