Jelly Legs & Beverage Consumption

Today and yesterday when I got outside of my apartment to run (at around 6:45am) my legs felt like jelly! Yesterday I was completely confused and just ran through it. Today, I was ready for it, and I accepted it. I started out by walking down the block, and it actually felt really nice to just walk and relax rather than immediately start pounding the pavement and getting into “run mode” (can I coin this term?).

I ended up walking 2 blocks to start and then felt wonderful and began my run. I used the track at McCarren Park today for a bit and it was awesome- I really shouldn’t take it for granted that I live a 6 minute run from a track! I ran past all the walkers and felt super cool.. and got passed by speed demons and felt like a loser.

When I got back I slammed down a mini glass of EmergenC:


I’m aware that taking a multi-vitamin would probably be even better, but they just don’t taste as good. The citrusy carbonation makes my tongue happy. Does anyone else love this stuff? I wish they sold it like 2 liter soda.

Then once at work, I hit up G’s for a medium coffee :). Ahhh, coffee.


4 responses to “Jelly Legs & Beverage Consumption

  1. I find that my daughters Princess Gummies are very tasty and they give you all of the vitamins you need:

  2. Hi Mel, I use the EmergenC packets in my water bottle for running sometimes. Be careful though – the fizzies will start spouting out of the tip and hit nearby runners.

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