Is what I’m going to turn this summer into. Check out the view from in front of the street of my apartment:


The park is begging me to run right through it. “Melanie! Come run in me!” (it talks?). I’m about to go kick my ass for perhaps 4 miles? I need to feel my legs and lungs burn; the craving is coming back and I love it. 

Bedford Ave is a sloppy fantastic mess today full of vendors, musicians, skaters – and I mean real skaters; I did a double take an hour ago driving past and there was a crew of maybe 30 kids doing tricks with MJ blasting (moment of silence for MJ). Therefore I’ve decided to try a new route and steer clear of that zone to avoid a hit and run incident ..get it?? hit.. and run? I can’t wait to get back here victoriously sweating. Isn’t that the best feeling?

Anyway. Runapalooza ’09 is on. If you book them, they will come..  Wayne’s World anyone?

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