Self Inflicted Sore Butt

In honor of runapalooza, I crammed in a run yesterday while my laundry was going and I had dinner plans in about an hour and a half. That left me about 30 minutes to get a run in, and I was hoping for an ass-kicking workout to balance out the gorging that this weekend consisted of.

To get the most bang for my buck (butt?) I did intervals of sprinting and jogging, mixed in with walking lunges. I never do walking lunges–where did I pull this fancy move from? Let alone I definitely looked like an idiot lunging up Driggs Ave past tables of vegan-eating hipsters (not knockin’ it, just painting the picture).

So, today my ass is killing me, and I kinda love it. This morning on my run I stopped at the park and did push ups in the grass as well. This is like mini-Mel strength training, go team! … team of 1.

By the way if you’re near McCarren Park and are lookin for some eats, check out this place Urban Rustic, it’s all organic, local ingredients, very yummy:

urban rustic

In case you’re interested I got turkey, tomato, arugula, olives, and swiss, grilled on homemade whole wheat bread. delicious.

2 responses to “Self Inflicted Sore Butt

  1. He Runs Miami…..Hey Mel! Down here in rainy Miami for the Junoir Olympic Vball Championships (7000+vballers)…ran up Collins Ave last night and back to hotel on the beach… about 4 miles…had to run off the calories and other poisons that I was going to inject into my body at the Nfinity/Worldwide White Party at Dreams ( Insane party!

  2. Hey TJ!
    I was just down there in May.. rained everyday! But sunny in the mornings if you wake up early.

    How was the run in the heat? Did you see those GIANT sized drinks that all of the restaurants have along the beach? insane.

    … 7,000 vballers- wow. rockin!

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