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One Lovely Blog Award

Mia at Runs & Rests passed the One Lovely Blog award my way — thanks Mia! Once received, the award should be spread to 15 blogs that you love to (or at least like to sometimes) read.One Lovely Blog Award

I actually don’t read 15 blogs on a daily basis, so here’s my shortened list of the few that I truly do:



Thanks for the daily dose guys.

Angry Run = Mission Complete

Following up on my earlier post about emotional running, my sadness built up today and turned itself into pent up anger; like churning milk into buttah.angry runI jetted out of work at 5:30 (yikes!) with running on the brain and went home, changed, and hit the pavement. When I say immediately, you might want to add in 15 minutes for the guy who successfully sold me a $40 haircut salon deal in Union Square. Why am I a sucker?

I put on my running playlist while I changed which pumped me up even more. Thank you Brandon Boyd.

Once I got out there, the air was so hot and heavy that I thought it would end up being my standard 3 mile loop, but I starting feeling better and better and kept goin’ down Bedford into a completely new neighborhood I rarely see. Yeyaaa.

I ended up running 4.5 miles here. Woohoo! This is about 1 mile more than yesterday morning. Mission impossible complete. I don’t need lessons Tom Cruise.

Running High with Emotion

Read on for a dose of downer:

I am sad today. I had an intense day yesterday, and an even more intense night that kept me up later than usual and has me feeling kinda blue. Boo.

The way I’m feeling usually affects everything about my day–especially my running regiment. Here’s the general gist of it:

  • Happy = glorious run
  • Angry = fierce run
  • Sad = no run; i’m too out of it to find the drive to push myself
  • Anxious = shorter run than usual because when I’m nervous or excited I get a stomach ache.. which has me running home faster than a cheetah.. tmi?


So you can guess I didn’t run this morning. I’m not that upset about missing the run itself because rest days always do my legs and body good. I used to beat myself up about missing a day (abuse hotline!) but I’ve gotten over that and learned that we only do the best we can and sometimes a break is good for you.

Tomorrow I plan on finding my A game and playing it. Hopefully. The motto today is that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.

Anyone else find that emotions run through everything? excuse the pun.

Read on for a scoop o’ sunshine:

Mia at Runs & Rests and Karena at Run Beans, Run! have each presented me with a blog award. These two ladies have totally made my day a little shinier. I’ll write a separate post for each blog award and do them justice :).