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One Lovely Blog Award

Mia at Runs & Rests passed the One Lovely Blog award my way — thanks Mia! Once received, the award should be spread to 15 blogs that you love to (or at least like to sometimes) read.One Lovely Blog Award

I actually don’t read 15 blogs on a daily basis, so here’s my shortened list of the few that I truly do:



Thanks for the daily dose guys.

Angry Run = Mission Complete

Following up on my earlier post about emotional running, my sadness built up today and turned itself into pent up anger; like churning milk into buttah.angry runI jetted out of work at 5:30 (yikes!) with running on the brain and went home, changed, and hit the pavement. When I say immediately, you might want to add in 15 minutes for the guy who successfully sold me a $40 haircut salon deal in Union Square. Why am I a sucker?

I put on my running playlist while I changed which pumped me up even more. Thank you Brandon Boyd.

Once I got out there, the air was so hot and heavy that I thought it would end up being my standard 3 mile loop, but I starting feeling better and better and kept goin’ down Bedford into a completely new neighborhood I rarely see. Yeyaaa.

I ended up running 4.5 miles here. Woohoo! This is about 1 mile more than yesterday morning. Mission impossible complete. I don’t need lessons Tom Cruise.

Running High with Emotion

Read on for a dose of downer:

I am sad today. I had an intense day yesterday, and an even more intense night that kept me up later than usual and has me feeling kinda blue. Boo.

The way I’m feeling usually affects everything about my day–especially my running regiment. Here’s the general gist of it:

  • Happy = glorious run
  • Angry = fierce run
  • Sad = no run; i’m too out of it to find the drive to push myself
  • Anxious = shorter run than usual because when I’m nervous or excited I get a stomach ache.. which has me running home faster than a cheetah.. tmi?


So you can guess I didn’t run this morning. I’m not that upset about missing the run itself because rest days always do my legs and body good. I used to beat myself up about missing a day (abuse hotline!) but I’ve gotten over that and learned that we only do the best we can and sometimes a break is good for you.

Tomorrow I plan on finding my A game and playing it. Hopefully. The motto today is that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.

Anyone else find that emotions run through everything? excuse the pun.

Read on for a scoop o’ sunshine:

Mia at Runs & Rests and Karena at Run Beans, Run! have each presented me with a blog award. These two ladies have totally made my day a little shinier. I’ll write a separate post for each blog award and do them justice :).

More Morning Mileage: Take 2

I woke up at 6am this morning.. and it wasn’t one of those jump out bed can’t wait to start wake-ups.. more like a painful roll out of bed why do I do this to myself wake up. Determined to inch in some more distance, I made instant coffee (who’s got time?) and had a snack of a slice of mini bread and jelly to get me going:

pre-run fuel

pre-run fuel


I left my apartment still feeling tired, but told myself to just get the most out of it that I could. I ended up running 3.8 miles here; going a few blocks past the Williamsburg Bridge. The total miles came to .2 more than yesterday, and .4 miles more than 2 days ago.  Small victory for mel.

The air was so thick with humidity I was dripping by the time I made it back to my place. I took a cold shower (which actually didn’t help since I continued to sweat all way to work.. bummer) and drank my latest post-run refuel mix: 1/2 cup of skim + 1 scoop of Jay Robb whey protein powder:

mixed with a fork

mixed with a fork


It’s interesting how the training mindset pushes me farther than the fitness mindset. I like it.

We are a Target Market

The headline of this post is what I thought to myself after I read this article from the NY Times.

To sum it up for you: Nestle is suing CytoSport, the makers of the athletic drink Muscle Milk, for marketing a product as “milk” when it does not actually contain milk as an ingredient. CytoSport is fighting back on the grounds that they are creating an analogy to “a mother’s milk”. Is it just me, or is that kinda gross being that we’re not infants?

The article goes on to reveal that CytoSport itself has brought suits against competitors who’ve attempted to enter the market with “milk” in their product name, and won.



yes, they are crying over it

yes, they are crying over it



To be honest, I don’t really care who wins the suit. What I’d like to point out is that as consumers we should be very aware of who is controlling the markets we depend on and what do they want us to believe. And in the niche market of athletes, we are perhaps even more susceptible to claims, names, and poka dots.

Has anyone drank Muscle Milk before? Did you think there was milk in?  Do you care that there actually isn’t? Did your muscles get bigger? Did CytoSport smackdown smaller guys for using the word milk even when it was relevent? Are these questions too aggressive? Holy milk, batman! I don’t know and I’m sure you don’t either.

I’m not surprised though. I work in advertising, and this is how it goes.

I recently published a post about my ignorance in refueling after my morning runs (you can check it out here). The solution I’ve been going with is a cup of skim milk with a scoop of Jay Robb brand whey protein powder. I do feel better after I drink it, and throughout the day, but I actually couldn’t tell you if it’s the milk itself, or if the JayRobb protein powder is the real catalyst. A clear example of me falling for the claims of recovery and strength through a manmade powder concoction that tastes like vanilla.

I wonder if JayRobb battled Nestle too? More importantly, yes, I do believe my arms will look like Mr. Robb’s in 2 weeks if I stay dedicated and follow the Jay Robb plan and hop one foot every night for an hour.

More Morning Mileage: Attempt 1

I woke up 15 minutes earlier today to give me a little wiggle room so I could add 1 more mile into my morning run.. just a small mile! I was out of bed at 6am, coffee in hand by 6:10, possibly checking emails from 6:10-6:15, then gear on and out the door by 6:33.

For all of you morning people- I love the feeling of stepping out the front door to a crisp morning that smells like summer.

Unfortunately, as I started my run I felt sooo tired. Dammit! I attribute this to shitty sleep due to the rainforest like conditions in my apartment (we haven’t put the a/c on… and we can’t stop sweating.. it’s ugly).

Instead of the planned 4 mile route, I ran just a little more than usual for a total of 3.6 miles here.

I will give myself an A for effort and give it another go later this week.

Also, I came across a cool blog this morning  call Ephemeral New York that documents a changing NYC, pretty cool. Check it out if you’re in need of work distraction.. not I.

Gettin’ (more) Run Crazy

My 4.2 mile run yesterday morning kept me pumped up for hours. During that pumped up time period, I got a little crazy and threw myself to the mercy of endorphins.

this is your brain on endorphins

this is your brain on endorphins


I came across the North Brooklyn Runners club while blog surfing. North Brooklyn? Thatsa me! ..Mario! (my apology for the obscure Mario Cart reference).

Since I moved here a year ago, I have been searching for a group of people to run with in my area but it seemed that all of the Brooklyn groups were either running in Prospect Park which is too far for me to get to and back before work, or in Central Park (ditto). FINALLY a group I can join! Turns out they only started this past winter, so I didn’t miss the train by that much. I immediately signed up. Saweet.

Then for a double wam, I signed up for the Fitness Mind, Body Spirit Games! The race is a New York Road Runners race, and will be held in Central Park, NYC on September 12th.

I have been debating signing up for a half marathon, but honestly have been a bit intimidated by the distance a.k.a. scared silly. This is only a 4 mile race, definitely not nearly close to 13, but if you run anything as hard as you can then it’s a freakin’ challenge (this is me justifying it to myself).

I’m excited about it, and decided that I should up my mileage from an average of 3 per morning so that on race day 4 miles will feel like a shorter distance. What this means is I will have to start waking up pre-6am to have time to fit in more miles. brutal.

I started throwing together a quick training schedule during a meeting at work today (bad mel) and once it’s complete I’ll post it up here.

Get ready coffee maker, it’s me and you.