Product Review: Asics GT-2140 Trail Running Shoe

Finally recovered from being sick, I was able to try out my new running shoes this morning on this 3.3 mile loop. Weee!

Asics GT 2140 Trail Running Shoes

These kicks came to me courtesy of my good friends at Btw, when I say good friends, I mean personal good friends.

Here’s a little backstory:

When I was in college, I worked at Worldwide Sport Supply for 3 years. It’s a family owned and run company, and I was lucky enough to work side by side with the 2 brothers who ran the show: TJ & Andy. These dudes rock. I came in to help them with marketing for their vollyball and wrestling business, and when I learned they were thinking of launching a running site I freaked out. PERFECT!

I was with them through the naming, designing, launch, first customer purchase (it was a pair of socks!) and growth. We worked hard to bring the best to the running community, partnered with Soles for Souls to donate shoes on a regular basis, and even sponsored the Winelgass Marathon in our first year:

RunWorldwide at the Wineglass Marathon

Since leaving college, sob, I still keep in touch with TJ & Andy all the time. If I could move their office to NYC I would.. I secretly scope out real estate when walking around the city (TJ- c’mon now, I think it’s time).

SO– about once a year the guys send me a pair of kicks to keep up my habit and I’m a lucky girl :).

Asics GT-2140 Trail Running Shoe Review:

  • When I first put these on I noticed right away that they were very snug- in a good way. Compared to my old sneakers, these molded right to my foot from around the ankle to the tongue, and it felt nice.
  • The sole also melded to my foot as I walked and ran, allowing for a more natural flex in my sole.
  • There was noticeably less cushioning at the base, which I think is what lent itself to the shoe feeling more close to my foot, but it also definitely allowed the pavement to feel more harsh when I hit it on stride.
  • I got a decent sized blister on the arch of my right foot about 1.5 miles in, and by the time I was on the way back I was underpronating because it really hurt. Dammit. I have high arches and most shoes don’t come close to giving me enough support, so perhaps these do.. but I don’t have any skin built up against the friction there. I think in time it’ll be fine.

Overall, I like them alot. I’ve only run in them once, so we’ll see how it goes and I’ll do a follow-up after some time on the wear.

Nothing’s better than new kicks. Are you with me?


9 responses to “Product Review: Asics GT-2140 Trail Running Shoe

  1. You’re so lucky to get free shoes every year!! That’s awesome!

  2. Lucky girl! 😀
    New shoes rock! I tried my new Mizuno on yesterday’s 5 miler and my knees never felt better. Sorry to hear about your blister. Maybe the non-cotton socks will help? Thankfully, I still haven’t formed any blisters since I started running.

  3. I do run in cotton socks.. maybe you’re on to something. This blister is growing by the minute. I contemplated taking a picture and posting it… but I think I’ll spare you guys for now.

  4. Oh wow! I want connections like that. New shoes are always good, but I haven’t bought any for a year and a half!!

  5. dude, new shoes make life better. get yourself a pair when you can!

  6. love the new shoes!

  7. Nice new shoes! Nothing like a new pair to make you feel faster. Looks like they have a lot of support in them, are you usually an overpronator?

    That’s so awesome that you’re such good friend with the running shoe guys. Wineglass is the marathon I’m running to try to BQ in October!

    By the way, since this is where I come to not feel bad about loving coffee, I have a great new one to recommend… Starbucks Gazebo blend! Now, I’m sure with all those hip coffee shops in NYC you don’t have much use for the ‘bucks, but this is my favorite coffee ever!

  8. I hope you kick butt at the Wineglass!
    Even though I do have access to a ton of coffee shops, I probably get Starbucks once or twice a week– for times on my way to work or elsewhere where I need dependable quality and don’t have time to look around. I will definitely try out the Gazebo blend! Thanks Matt! Oh- and no, I’m not an overpronator, but I do run in stability shoes every now and then.

  9. Hey Mel! How’s the blister? have the 2140’s hit the trash bin yet? oh and Matt…I started drinking Peet’s about a year ago and I’m hooked. We’re on Peetnik’s autoship program so we always have freshly roasted beans in the office here. Yes Mel, fresh roasted beans everyday! See what you’re missing? Runyourassoff everyone!

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