Go Green Movement in Brooklyn

Morning confrontation: On my way to a local coffee shop Al Biet this morning, I passed a couple of kids urging me to shop at the deli next door between the hours of 11am-4pm.

Brooklyn Shakers

Why are you accosting me before I’ve had coffee? 

The movement: Help a local mom & pop shop move towards sustainability. Everything bought during the allotted window goes to a Go Green fund that will allow the location to green itself starting with its operational platforms all the way to the products offered. The more money raised = more opportunity for positive change.

go green on bedford ave

Brooklyn readers: Hit up Bedford Deli & Grocery today between 11am-4pm to help them green their business. One small local effort, part of a larger global initiative.

Bedford Deli and Grocery

Rock on.


One response to “Go Green Movement in Brooklyn

  1. Mia {runs and rests}

    That’s hot! 😀
    Of course I noticed the Asahi beer sign on that first photo.

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