Monday Runday

This weekend contained a lot of events and instead of making sure I got my long runs in, I made sure to do the summer right and get my butt to every party. I had a hell of a time at an engagement party, suffered a hell of a hangover, and then completed a day of apartment cleaning and quality friend hanging.

So my miles are down, but my good times are up!

slide 'n slide.. for real

slide 'n slide.. for real

I did get out there this morning thankfully, and took it easy on myself (mostly because I was scared that I lost it all) and ran a 2.6 mile loop here. I rocked it, and felt strong the whole way. Sweet. I will attempt to re-focus this week.. don’t attempt mel, do it!.. and get back up into the high 3’s, low 4’s in the morning.


5 responses to “Monday Runday

  1. I had a bit too much fun this weekend too!! Luckily, I don’t get hungover. I don’t know why- it just never happens!! I woke up and went to a spinning class this morning like I wasn’t drunk as hell last night! 🙂

  2. Mia {runs and rests}

    Yay for good times! 😀
    The good thing about missing a day’s run is that I always feel so pumped to hit the road the next day. Yeah, I’m scared to lose it too.

  3. Seriously, is that you slip n sliding!!! Awesome! Chest cold this week…haven’t run or gone to spinning class in over a week. Feeling like crap. Sick kids bringin me down…

    • Haha yeah it was awesome. My whole body hurt the next day.
      Being sick really does put a halt on everything. I would say it’s like a 2 week cycle to get back into it for me usually. I hope you feel better!

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