Listening to my Body

This morning’s run let me know that I might be getting sick again. Nooooo!

I passed out cold last night at 10pm, and woke up without an alarm at 6:08am. Love when that happens; natural awakenings feel so much better than abusive alarm clocks.

My initial plan was to run 3.2 miles, but once I got out on the road I felt an intensity in my lungs that wasn’t right. The feeling was similar to the sensation of your first run after getting over a cough. Besides my insides (the most important part?) my body felt strong.

I didn’t want to push the distance since I knew something was off, so I cut the 3.2 miles a little short and ran a 2.9 mile loop here. On the way back I felt really good, and my pace was definitely faster than usual. I like being able to feel improvement.

In coffee news:

On my way walk to the L train this morning, I stopped at Variety for a cup of coffee, and came across a new take on sugar; vanilla bean infused simple syrup (sugar water). This is the straight up way to add vanilla to coffee.vanilla syrup for coffee

Pretty cool. And tasty.


4 responses to “Listening to my Body

  1. Yum! I love iced coffee!! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Mia {runs and rests}

    The vanilla in syrup idea sounds cool.
    Way to go on getting speedy. 😀 Hope you feel better.

  3. I know how you feel with the cold. I’m a biker and I have been fighting a bad cold for a week now, but I’m still riding. I don’t want to stop myself, I just pace a little slower than usual.

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