We Are How We Move

I’ve been reading alot about the primal lifestyle philosophy and came across a photo of these identical twins named Otto on the right and Ewald on the left. These men have the same genetic makeup, yet look very different:

otto and ewald

Both brothers were athletes within the track and field realm. So why is Ewald slammin’ but Otto’s slackin’? Otto was a distance runner… and Ewald competed in field events like shotput.

This case really illustrates that our bodies are defined by how we use them. Honestly it scared the shit out of me, because I do not want to be lame Mr. Otto. So I decided to focus a lot more on strength training and cross-training moving forward to bring my inner-Ewald out (inner-Ewald.. we all have one).

I changed up my morning workout today due to this inspiration:

  • run .5 miles to the track
  • 4×200 sprints with 200m recovery in between
  • 2×8 sets of push-ups (girl style)
  • 2×20 bicycle crunches
  • repeat steps 3-5
  • run .5 miles home

This kicked my ass harder than my normal 3 mile morning run. I will be sore tomorrow. Glory. Let’s call this the Ewald challenge.


6 responses to “We Are How We Move

  1. megzzwinsatlife

    That is really interesting.. Kinda scary too!! I wonder if there is any other research about this.

  2. Wow, that’s really interesting!!

  3. Mia {runs and rests}

    Great job with the new challenge! Sprints make me sore but I’m loving it. 😀 My lungs hate me though while I’m sprinting but I feel so good on the mile jog back home.

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