Beat the Morning Darkness

August is coming to an end, which means the sunrise is slowly moving back. It’s so freakin’ hard to jump out of bed in the morning when it’s still dark out!

I fight the morning darkness every fall and winter (I’m a superhero) and get my ass out the door to run. There are a few tricks I’ve developed over the years to make this a less painful and more heroic experience.

morning super hero

yes i can!

Tips to get up & out before sunrise:

  • As soon as your alarm goes off, turn on the light. The longer you linger in bed and let the dimness sink in, the more glazed you’ll get and decide to screw the workout and go back to sleep for another hour (I’m guilty).
  • Get your workout gear ready the night before and set it out near your bed. It’s like an invisible boyfriend waiting for you in the morning. Don’t disappoint him.
  • Put on some tunes. Music will help wake you up and get your head in the zone. If you share a room with with your significant other just throw on your headphones.
  • Coffee.
  • Try to put yourself in the mindset of how you’ll feel post-run (happy and fulfilled).

Bring it on autumn.


6 responses to “Beat the Morning Darkness

  1. Great tips!! I love jumping out of bed when my alarm goes off but getting up in the dark is kind of hard.

  2. megzzwinsatlife

    I hate when the days get shorter.. I never want to get out of bed for my run and this rain doesn’t help either!

  3. ‘invisible boyfriend.’ that killed me. I love it- perfect motivation to get going!

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