Instant Pleasure

My return to running has once again reminded me why I’m obsessed with it. Running makes me feel good. Is there a better reason than that? Yeah there’s all that lifetime of healthy for you crap, but that’s kind of the long run side-benefit (long run? pun? bonus).

feelin' good?

Oh yes.

Running makes me mentally stronger instantly. I think this is why I have trouble sticking with a weight training plan–it’s much less immediate. Although I do know cross-training is worth it, and I’m aiming to make tomorrow an Ewald day. Click on Ewald if you want to read more about the “we are how we move” theory.

Coffee Side Note:

Yesterday was the first day in 2 weeks that I only had 1 cup of coffee. I’ve been out of control lately and my brain really is like mush until I drink 2 cups. Yesterday I had a busy day and didn’t have time to stop at 2pm to get second a cup. The result? At 8pm, it was the weirdest thing… I felt great. What? Great. Woohoo! This week I will try to stick to one a day. Then maybe soon none a day… which Matt the No Meat Athlete is currently attempting. Brave Soul. You can read about my thoughts on caffeine here.

Back to today:

I woke up before Mike 1 again this morning (which means no coffee brewed) and this time remembered my instant coffee routine but only took about 5 sips before leaving around 6:45am. I stuck with my 2.6 mile loop, and felt freakin’ awesome. I ran my last mile at 8 minute pace. Rockin!

Thanks again to you all for helping me get back into the game. Party on Wayne.

P.S. Instant Pleasure is a Rufus Wainwright song that’s pretty good. Check it out if you’re feelin’ crazy.

6 responses to “Instant Pleasure

  1. Glad you’re back in the game. Sorry I’ve been absent from the comment queue.

    I was given a book to review called “Fun on Foot in New York”. There’s a whole chapter of running routes in Brooklyn. If you’re interested, I could probably scan the chapter and send it to you (or I could just send you the book – it’s more useful to you than me). I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you review it too. Let me know.

  2. Mia {runs and rests}

    8min pace! You rock! 😀

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