The Gym Might Be an Ongoing Thang

The morning after the holiday party I woke up cursing my hangover, but I ran anyway. It was one of those redemption runs (have you been there?) where you try and erase the damage you did the night before.

yes you can!

The weather that morning was 28 degrees, so I put on my new trusted winter running gear combo and headed out. It was a painful run since I got a side stitch halfway in (hangover dehydration much?), but I was okay other than that. I ran for a 2.5 miles. Done. On with the rest of the hangover day.

But I think I got more from that run then I realized. Not in a good way. In a ‘this is what you get for running in below freezing temperatures’ kind of way.

Yesterday at work, I was joking around with a bunch of my coworkers and when I laughed my upper respiratory/back of my throat area felt tight. Kind of like I was getting over a cough. After work last night I headed to the gym for a workout before I went out with friends, and on the treadmill I felt it too. It was like winter had two icy hands around my throat. <– What an intense sentence right there.

I started thinking that this is definitely a side effect from my run the other morning. I remember being stopped at a traffic light waiting for it to turn red, and holding my hands around my neck to warm it up. My neck was completely exposed and it was almost numb. Maybe I need to invest in a turtle neck running shirt–note: I don’t want to–or wear a scarf at the start of the run?

None the less, I ran a pretty decent 30 minutes on the treadmill thinking about this. Then thinking maybe the gym IS more practical when it’s this cold outside. Then wishing I lived in Florida so I could bask in glorious warm sunshine everyday. And drink Florida orange juice with the Tropicana farm dudes from the commercial…


8 responses to “The Gym Might Be an Ongoing Thang

  1. which dudes are those? i think the mexicans are out in the orange groves pickin’ the fruits. i like margaritas though, so i could hang with them too. i think they’d like us and we’d make friends and be really popular, because that’s obviously the most important thing in life.

    wow. believe it or not, i did not write this comment under the influence of any sort of psychiatric drug. crazy shit yo.

  2. oh yeah – about the frozen neck thing – maybe one of those fleecy neck things people wear skiing would help?

  3. Definitely run in the gym. We don’t want your head falling off.

  4. this weekend made me curse winter and wish for florida too. i’d even settle for boca with all the jewish grandparents. i do think there’s a line where winter running becomes painful though, and that’s definitely why gyms were invented. (then again, i’m wimpy.)

    ps: i am laughing at sofia’s comment, but also, i want in on the mexicans/ farm dudes. because popularity is important, obviously.

  5. You are so talented.

  6. I’ve been wearing an under armour tech hood (with the hood part down) and it keeps my neck and face really warm… I can’t imagine running in the cold without it! Maybe something like that would help you out?

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