Websites That Lift My Spirits + Distract Me (from myself)

When I’m not running, I’m reading about other people running and wishing it was me that I was reading about. Unfortunately I haven’t lived up to my winter running expectations (well, actually, I expected this to happen..), but I’m still here thinkin’ about it. And gymmin’ it when I can even though I hate treadmills.

Instead of dwelling in my not-as-many-miles-as-i-like-to-have-a-week grinch spirit, I’d like to celebrate the blogs and other sites that keep me internally motivated. HOORAY!

  • GivesMeHope this is cheesey and wonderful. I get the chills everytime I read through it, and my “big problems” feel trivial.
  • please visit. it will brighten your day. sample:

look to the left

  • CrunchGranolaGal just posted about our awesometastic date this weekend. We’re both blog lurkers and writers and like to drink. She lives in Brooklyn, runs, and we have a lot in common. She’s kind of like my running ying, and I’m currently the non-running yang. Zen.
  • HealthyTippingPoint Caitlin is honest and eats easy to make meals. That’s cool with me. And when she’s unhappy about something, she writes about it, then writes her solution. Complaints become motivation. Right on.
  • lookbook. helping the world get hot, one hipster at a time.
  • Hungry-Girl i’ve yet to make any recipe from this site, but check it everyday none the less.
  • NoMeatAthlete runs in those weird foot gloves (that’s the technical name) and makes awesome vegetarian food. and he’s funny. Cool.
  • Websites that tell me when bands are playing locally and then how they rocked it:
  • Non online cheer–shoes. New purchase via blurry blackberry photo. HOT. Let’s go party in them:

  • There are more, but who wants to read a 5 mile long blog post? I don’t. I also don’t want to write it… kidding.

What keeps you entertained? Entertain me.


6 responses to “Websites That Lift My Spirits + Distract Me (from myself)

  1. thank you 🙂

    wedding book on facebook keeps me oddly entertained (like wedding message boards!)

  2. So, I am in Rockland County. Which you probably know is prettydarnclose to Brooklyn. I think that maybe we should meet. Like a blind blogger date. I just met up with Lynn from Actor’s Diet and Christina from the Christina Butter blog last night at the Palisades mall. Lynn is planning a blogger brunch in SoHo on New Year’s Day which I may go to and you, of course, are invited to. But I think we should plan a SEPARATE meet up because I would really love to meet you and a couple other bloggers at at fantastic restaurant in NYC.

    Email me: if you’re interested!

  3. I definitely need to check out those sites. What keeps me entertained? Blogs. HAHA! 🙂

  4. dude. fame and fortune. rock on.

    …and i just almost wrote rock one. yeah, real cool sofia. real cool.

    and i know it’s neighborhood focused, but is not only hilarious but also inspirational. love the sardonic slope folk.

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