Non-Running Runner Adventures: The Firm 500 Calorie Workout DVD Review

Winter has officially killed the runner in me. This morning I woke up and my room was 90 degrees due to blasting heat, the sun was beaming through my windows, and I thought “wow, maybe it’s a warmer day and I’ll go for a run.”

Nope. It’s 23 degrees.

On Monday I faced the same scenario, but I’m off this week from work (wahoo!) so I planned a gym visit in my day. Epic failure. I got there, stepped on the treadmill, and then bounced. The dreadmill treadmill completely repulsed me. The air in the gym had a dry heat feeling, there was a sweaty man to my right pounding away, and as soon as my machine started, I felt like I was in jail. Usually one would run away from a sweaty man to the right. Not get drips of his flying sweat on your arm. Yum.

Right, so I left. I went to Best Buy down the street and picked up a workout DVD:

I liked that this one said ‘500 calories’ in the title because I’ve always been a skeptic that tapes will really give you a good workout (that’s the runner in my talking–oh there you are!). So I figured they couldn’t claim that if they didn’t test it out, right? This will have to be my savior when the gym makes me nauseous this winter. Probably will get more DVDs to join this one.

The Firm 500 Calorie Workout Review:

Kind of hard to follow at times since the instructor jumps into some complicated routines without explaining them, but once you see it a few times you get it. I imagine it’ll be a lot easier to follow each session. I used 4 lb weights, and it was perfect. She has you double them up in one hand for bisep work which is smart, and does some unique moves with them making an aerobic strength workout. There is a lot of armwork and legwork, and by the 40 minute mark I could feel my thighs already becoming sore. I stopped the tape there to avoid serious pain the next day. From there I did jumping jacks and jumprope in alternates for ten minutes for a little extra kick in the Christmas cookie ass, and called it a day. It’s the next morning and my inner thighs are definitely down and out. The only thing there wasn’t a strong focus on was ab work, but I think it was incorporated in with the weight reach moves and kicks somehow.

I’ll do it again. More ass kicking is a good thing. But damn, I wish I could run outside instead.


3 responses to “Non-Running Runner Adventures: The Firm 500 Calorie Workout DVD Review

  1. Winter has killed what chance I had of becoming a runner! I was going to try to run yesterday but the wind blew me back into my house. lol

    Thanks for the dvd review. I’m looking for a new one. I can’t just do the 30 day shred everyday.

    Email me, lady, we need to plan our fantastic meet up!

  2. I have run twice this week and was going to do a 5K today but the weather may not work in my favor.

  3. I’ve been thinking about getting this workout video. I’m a new vegan runner, new to both lol. New to fitness really. I have been surprised by how good of a job these videos do in making you feel tired and toned. So far I’ve tried toe skinny bitch and the ten minute challenge workouts.

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