My Body is Rebelling. Stop it, Body.

New York City has finally been getting some beautiful weather with its first inklings of Spring, and I’ve been trying to take full advantage of it and run, run, run (run). Usually when I’m getting back into it, it’s hard to get out there mentally, but the run itself feels great and I’m pumped up.

This is not the current situation. I feel like this:

inner mel.

For some reason my past 3 runs have felt really weird. As in it doesn’t feel like my body is made for running. Like the past 10 years haven’t existed. I’ve taken long interval breaks in the past, but it never really had this effect. My stride doesn’t feel natural and my breathing doesn’t really find a rythm. This is all very strange to me… it’s never happened before.

I tried thinking of reasons why, but came up empty. I mean, 2 weekends ago I ran a 4 mile race in Central Park and felt great. What could’ve happened in the past 2 weeks? I don’t really know.. but I decided I’m going to stick through it and re-acclimate my body to this stress.

Today and yesterday I completed this loop here. Perhaps 2.6 miles 3 days in a row is too much, too soon? My plan is to take tomorrow off to let my knee chill out and avoid runner’s knee. Maybe I need a day off to let my body recover and get it’s shit together.

C’mon bod, what is the deal. Let’s be friends.


5 responses to “My Body is Rebelling. Stop it, Body.

  1. so glad you’re back, even if inner mel is lookin’ sorta whackadoodle these days. yes, i just said whackadoodle. don’t ask questions, just go with it. you will find your runner-resilience soon, i’m sure!

  2. Ease into it slowly. Your body will come back!

    I am trying to figure out what I do between races. My first-ever half marathon is this Sunday in Rock Hill and then my second is 4/11 closer to home in Ithaca.

  3. You’ll figure it out!! I just got a job at a running store! I’ll motivate you!

  4. Hey Mel! It’s been forever, but TJ turned me on to your blog and I love it! I’m training for Boston again and your most recent post really struck a chord with me. On my last long run (a 14 miler) I started feeling fatigued and tight less than half way through. I’m normally good to go for at least 10 miles, so I was really concerned that I was only getting through 2/3 of that distance before dealing with a tight left hip flexor. I got through the mileage, did my usual foam rolling and stretching afterwards, and- go figure- 2 days later, when I’m usually my most sore, I felt awesome. I felt silly for still trying to “figure out” my running body, but it’s nice to know you’re working through things too. Drop me a line some time-!

  5. I sympathize with your running frustrations. I too have been feeling stiff and out of whack on both the treadmill and out in Central Park. I think it’s due to old shoes. This could just be a bit of a plateau or general fatigue. Burst through it, I say!

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