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What Do You Want To Hear About?

Since my writing is taking a little bit more of a departure from just running, I thought I’d throw out the option to everyone: what do you want to hear more about? my job? my sweet shoe collection? my attempt to drink less coffee that constantly fails? the amount of apples I eat each week? (probably more than 8).

Shoot me an email at or leave a comment on this post (anonymously if you want, it’s all good). Rock on.

Riding It Out

Sometimes I have to work really late. Right at this moment it is 8:54pm, and I’m at my desk. Clearly no longer working since I’m writing this post, but might as well be. I’m in a cubicle. Nothing fun can happen in a cubicle.

I’m not going to complain about work because I love my job. And who knows if my bosses read this (If you do.. let me know?). Instead, I’m going to complain about what working this late does to my life.

The Results of Working 50-60 Hour Weeks in an office:

  • Inability to not think about work after leaving work
  • #1 causes inability to fall asleep
  • #2 causes that throbbing head feeling when you wake up
  • #3 =  hell no, I will not be running
  • Massive caffeine consumption throughout the day (1 large coffee, 1 medium starbucks “awake” tea, 2 diet cokes)
  • Which leads to: internal anger that I’m not putting myself as a priority
  • But then I back down from #5 because this is the advertising industry, and we all need to suck it up sometimes. Do you suck it up? That question sounds inappropriate.
  • Getting dinner paid for by the company while I eat it at my desk. Thumbs up for free dinner. Thumbs down for dinner at a desk.

happy cubicle dinner mel

  • Post dinner back to work madness:

meltdown mel

  • A week off at the end of May to cool my jets (takin a roadtrip w/ the boyfriend. where are we going? we don’t know).
  • Poor grammar in blog posts.

It’s now 9:13. Enough time wasted. Back to work. Possible yoga in the morning if throbbing head doesn’t make an appearance.

Never Settle

It’s so easy to say to myself “Eh, it’s okay if I don’t run today. I’ll run tomorrow, it’s cool” or “So I haven’t done any sit-ups in ten months, that’s okay, I’ll start tomorrow. What’s one set going to do for me now? Nothing.” or “I can finish this work up tomorrow, why should I work so hard? My job is stable”. This is all bullcrap.

I’ll tell you why.

There’s nothing good about getting complacent. I know, because I realize that I was recently complacent. The truth is: every little thing counts. Once I let things slide, it’s like a snowball effect. The past month that I didn’t run, it all started with one day of “eh”, that led to a week of “eh”… resulting in “eh x 30”. All of a sudden, I found myself saying “So what? You’re getting older! Most people don’t try this hard at things!”. At day 31, I felt like shit. (I didn’t actually count the days, could have been day 27, could have been day 34. Reckless).

What would Obama say? Let’s ask ourselves.

Here’s what I did.

I recognized the behavior and I slapped it down. Now let me be honest, this happens to me often. I let things slide for weeks/months at a time. But I always pick it back up, and I’m grateful. The hardest thing is to take that first step back. And then it’s all glorious.


This morning I woke up exhausted, but was determined to get my run in anyway. Because I refuse to not take care of myself. However, when I went to put my sneaks on I realized I left them at work. @#)*!)@!.

But due to my new mindset:

I changed my plans. I walked to a yoga studio called Yoga To The People in the East Village for their 7am session and got my stretch on. [On a side note: JESUS were my calves tight! That’s what all run and no stretch will do to you. Tight calves. My first downward dog pose was pretty painful and I definitely couldn’t touch my heels to the ground. But they eventually stretched out.] And I left feeling really good.

Lately when I wake up, I remind myself that there is no reason not to be the best I can be (army plug?) everyday. I should take it a level deeper to tell you this doesn’t mean I think I should be perfect, or that a level like that exists. But I can always improve. And it always feels good to try. Even after a month of not.


Movey Blues

1. Movey blues, as in “I just moved, and shit just doesn’t feel 100% right in this apartment yet”. Thus “movey” instead of “moody”. heh.

This weekend, I packed up all my stuff and moved out of Brooklyn into the East Village in Manhattan. It was a great two years with the Mikes (read: I lived with two guys, both named Mike), and I love Williamsburg and Greenpoint, but it was time for a change. Someone once told me that everyone should take the opportunity to live alone once, because once you get married/partner with a significant other, the chance dwindles and eventually disapears completely once co-habitation begins. I felt smart right there when I wrote co-habitation.

So I set out to get my own place. I actually wasn’t even considering Manhattan at first, but when I wasn’t finding much in Brooklyn I broadened my search (Craigslist, that’s what’s up). Now here I am, in the East Village, in a studio apartment to myself. Really, this should be a called the shoebox apartment, or maybe the extra large diorama apartment. It’s pretty small. But I’m cool with that. It’s just me after all, and it’s my diorama.

Where do the movey blues come in? I don’t have furniture for this place yet, and all my clothing is still in garbage bags from the move on Saturday. So I’m living out of these garbage bags that are conveniently located in the center of the floor of my one room.

diorama centerpiece

This pile o’ stuff is kinda messing with me more than an annoying mess should (a mess that messes with me?). For some reason when it comes time to wake up in the morning to run, I feel like I can’t just get up and go. I am mentally aware that I’ll have a monster pile to deal with before and after, and the drive to run is gone. It’s weird because I’m not a super neat/OCD person, but this pile o’ crap is ruining my wake-up-feeling-awesome vibes. Which leads me to:

2. Movey blues, as in lack of “wake-up-feeling-awesome” vibes means run-less mornings. Therefore, no physical movement.. hence.. “movey” blues. heh. Now, it’s only been three official nights sleeping here, but I was on a really good running kick right before I moved. I don’t want this temporary pile o’ ugly to ruin it! So I decided to seize control of the situation, and not let garbage bags full of clothes run my life. Because that would be ridiculous. And kind of like an episode of hoarders.

In an effort to thwart these movey blues, I mapped out a route to run tomorrow morning:

do it mel.

I feel excited and motivated looking at the map; it makes the potential run feel more real. I have a whole new turf to explore now. Also, Manhattan maps out in neat little squares. Cool. Let’s see how it goes in the morning.

No Big Deal.

I just pulled a new book off the shelf to start reading. “Naked”, by David Sedaris. I got one a page deep, and found myself paying attention to how he wrote rather than the story itself. Half a minute later (currently half a minute ago) I found myself logged into my blog account, squinting to obscure my view of the traffic counts since it’s been over a month since I’ve updated it.

So here I am faced with the task of writing a post after not talking about my life for one month. A little more than one month, really. C’mon, who’s counting. Stop counting.

I’ve been thinking about coming back for a while, but the thought seemed daunting. Argument in my head: “I have a blog about running.. but I’m not running! What can I write about?! My non-running (tried that here and here and here)? Isn’t that just weak? What’r you, a sissy girl?!?!”. I am not a sissy girl. When’s the last time someone said sissy girl? Now. It just happened.

My friends and readers have been asking me to write again. Telling me to just talk about anything. That this blog doesn’t have to be only about running. I should write about all parts of my life, because it’s really the story through my eyes that makes it interesting. That whole concept seemed (still actively seems) wild to me. That people might want to read about what else I have going on, not just about my thoughts on running/healthy living/manypostsaboutcoffee. But really, it’s a freakin’ blog. This is no big deal. No big deal!

So here’s a random story from tonight called “The Steak Story”:

Tonight I came home from work feeling really weak. Like listless, can’t walk fast, might faint, this is so strange, weak. I got in bed, and immediately diagnosed myself as anemic. After all, I hardly ever eat red meat, I’ve been getting headaches after I run (googled causes of that. guess what came up? anemia), and I’ve been feeling tired in general. Anemia Strikes: Part 1. My genius cure: order in steak.

I got delivery from Kool Bloo; an “Energy Platter” combo of skirt steak and grilled vegetables, with Mexican Red Chili Pepper sauce. 50 minutes later, while I was chewing my arm off, the delivery guy finally rang the bell and I grabbed my dinner. In this plate was one GIANT piece of steak slathered in chili sauce. Under this GIANT piece of steak, was one mini piece of hidden BONUS steak, in case GIANT steak just didn’t cut it. And then there was also a good amount of grilled carrots, onions, and squash also drowned in chili sauce. Cool. Plus a side of warm pita bread. Really cool. I ate 1/20 of the steak, approximately 5 pieces of carrots, and all of the pita bread. No longer feeling weak.

Maybe I was just hungry? Eh? We’ll never know.

Back to the general gist of this post. Thanks for checking in to see if I’m back. Here I am. It feels good to write.

P.S. I moved to Manhattan. Let the blog name stay. It’s cool.