The New Running Routine

When I first started this blog in May of last year, my intention was to run a different route in Brooklyn every morning and discover interesting things. That plan never panned out, because it turns out I don’t like changing my morning route. Apparently, I love running the same exact route every time. How. Strange. And shockingly boring of me.

I ran this same 2.6 mile loop every day (okay, not nearly everyday, but every running day) I woke up. I’ve been in Manhattan now for 2 weeks, and I’m already on the same loop every (okay, only 4 days so far) day.

The new loop is looking like this:

I’ve realized I lucked out with my new apartment location. Straight down 6th Street is a walking bridge over the FDR Drive, leading to a track on the other side. That’s correct, I live down the street from a track in the city. Karma? Zen? Mozzarella?

In reality I don’t know how often I’ll use the track, but the presence of it feels good. What I really have been doing is running next to the water, all the way up to 34th Street, and then back down 1st Ave. There are TONS of people running next to the FDR in the morning. It reminds me of what a race is like an hour before it starts when everyone is warming up and stretching. What I don’t like is the way people stare me down as they run past me. Why the need to have a stare-down? Why such aggression, NYC? Let me sweat and look like shit at 7am in peace. Eh?

I’d also like to note that this is a legit mile more than I used to run in the morning (total of 3.7). Small thing to note, but HUGE extra bonus awesome feeling at the end. Also, huge increase in hunger throughout the day. I’m now an eating machine. That’s cool.


One response to “The New Running Routine

  1. I love the new run path. Good for you to fine it!!

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