The Garbage Truck Run Battle

I woke up exhausted this morning. Last night I went to an impromptu concert with my brother (Circa Survive at Highline Ballroom) and got home past the time I’m usually asleep during the week.

I pulled through with a strong cup of coffee and the Simon and Garfunkel song Cecilia to pump me up–then I was out the door. My initial plan was to run to the track and do some tempo running again to 1) minimize the length of my workout and 2) still kick some ass. That didn’t happen though.

Somewhere around mile 1 I started to feel awesome, and decided to turn my run into a 3 mile loop. SWEET! It’s a Miracle! I thought. Until.. as I stayed on the pavement.. I began to run into garbage trucks.

the enemy

The first one attacked me from behind. It was a cruel game; stopping long enough that I could get ahead, then moving up right next to me again to repeat the cycle. Holy man, what a stench. The smell that radiates from those garbage trucks is just rude. Can a smell be rude? If you’re a runner getting trapped behind it, definitely. Imagine an odor that’s a mix of hot sour milk and rotten meat following you as you gasp for deep breaths. If you just winced, then you get it.

post-run reenactment. accurate expression.

Every other block I turned down there was a garbage truck. Could it have been the same garbage truck looping around? Maybe. Was there a garbage truck brigade out to sabatoge my miracle run? Also, maybe. Is it just garbage day in my neighborhood? No. They were out to get me.



6 responses to “The Garbage Truck Run Battle

  1. Yuck! Whenever I walk my dog on garbage day, he sniffs the pavement where the garbage leaked so hard I think he’s going to pull my arm off. Never a good sign!

  2. It’s just one of those days… smelly sabotaging and all.

    Oh and YES to a chill run… On August. Recovery is moving slowly over here 😦 gentle yoga class? East village cooking party? I’m down.

  3. A smell can definitely be rude! I hate the smell of garbage. There are a ton of bars on my street and it’s so nasty if I go out there early in the morning for a run. Garbage and vomit and stale beer. Gag.

  4. hehehe, that’s hilarious. I mean, it sucks, but it’s still funny.

  5. Tuesdays are garbage days on my road. I wait to run because they don’t like to yield road on top of the stench.

  6. I was in the city a couple months ago with my parents and we got stuck at like 10 p.m. behind a garbage truck on a one-way street (we were driving). It was ridiculous. There wasn’t enough room to go around so we had to keep stopping and going and stopping and going. We were annoyed at first but then it was just funny. We were probably stuck for something like 25 minutes.

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