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A Speech That Will Leave You Speechless

But It’s Not Just Coffee

Success, for me, can be summed up in a nice sip of hot coffee at 7am. That’s it; that’s my professional executive summary of how I ended up sitting on this stool in my [albiet small] studio apartment in the East Village with a self-sustaining life that I love. A sip of black gold (I’m redefining ‘black gold’ from oil to coffee, because there are no rules) swooshing down the back of my throat, from a mug that leaves brown rings on my countertop.

It sort of feels like a dirty secret. Caffeine is a drug after all, right? And we all say no to drugs, kids.. and adults.. and… cmon, who are we kidding, we all know you’re guilty. But, to me, coffee is sort of one of those mind-expanding drugs. Now, if you’re way above my threshold, and you’ve got some damaged brainwaves to prove it, you might want to stop reading now to save yourself some time (or read on for a laugh). To me, coffee may be a tool. A tool akin to the same magic that led the Beatles to write so many mind-blowing songs, that lets a person reach beyond what air, water, and sugary breakfast cereal provide.

After one sip, my brain starts to wake up a little. Two sips, three sips; I can possibly feel my brain tingling. Half a cup down–who’s ready for today?! What’s possible now?!

Sounds like a true addiction, doesn’t it? But you see, it’s not just coffee I’m drinking, it’s really ambition in liquid form. Ambition wrung out to a slow drip and collected in a mug. Bitter if you don’t add a little sugah (sugah, as in, i like buttah on my toast). And I have a bowl full of sugah, too. Picked up after each fall on my way to here and now.