Monthly Archives: July 2011

This Song Is Not Finished

I’m sitting on a stool at the counter in my bite-sized studio apartment, listening to a song I recently recorded on nauseating repeat, killing time until I can leave for my dinner plans without being unnecessarily early. I wrote the song last week, (it would be more accurate to say I belabored writing this song over the past three weeks), and finally got down a recording I thought was good enough to share.

Now, the truth is, I actually don’t think this song is finished. At all. And that’s because I’m not really sure how it’s supposed to go. I usually start with a melody and BAM the song writes itself and in an hour I sit back eating an apple in complete peace. But this one was not that kind of song. No apple. I changed the chorus three or four times, constantly changed the lyrics, and was haunted by my inability to stop humming it 24/7.

It took a night of margaritas and an unexpectedly early return home to get this last version out. I remember adding in the humming in between by accident, and that might be my favorite part now. BUT. It’s still not finished.

In the midst of watching the clock until it’s dinner go-time, I had a thought. I want to share what it’s like to write a song. So here’s the latest version, but it won’t be the last version :). I call it: #36, draft 3.