From Brooklyn to Austin: A Short Story

In one month I will be living in Austin, Texas.

What a crazy statement.

To set the record straight: I’ve lived in New York my whole life. Aside from a four year stint upstate in Binghamton for college, the majority of it was split between Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. I’m a New Yorker through and through… but that is about to change.

Two months ago my boyfriend, let’s call him Mave, found himself on the phone with a recruiter from Facebook, talking about the possibility of working for them in Austin, Texas. Why not NYC? Because the job options here are not running aplenty, not for new law school grads, anyway. And rather than being one of the many battling for employment (Hagar viking style battles in those long boats–would you want to do it? i might, if I got the sweet hat), he told Facebook he would consider relocating for the job. He mentioned this to me, and I did it as much justice as I could at the time when anyone drops a passing “Hey, no biggie, but I might work in Texas” bomb on you. “Wow, Texas? Okay, let’s see what happens”. Then I passed out on the floor.

Two weeks after that phone call, after sitting in for an open mic at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn (awesome little spot), we walked up to McCarren Park and decided to try out this new Italian restaurant across the street from the south side. If I could remember the name of it I would advise you to NOT go, unless you like dry chicken that tastes like takeout food. Anyway. Amidst the unappetizing food at the table, Mave asked me if I would go with him if he got the job.

I don’t think he realized what a big deal that kind of question is. He was just throwing it out there as a friend to a friend, like “yo dude, wanna grab a slice?” I think I stared at him for a good minute, and said “Are you asking me to move to Texas with you?” My eyes welled up for a split second, but I totally kept my cool and nodded … “I think so.” Then I passed out on the floor again. When I woke up this time I had a cowboy hat on.

moving from new york to texas

Flash forward to now, and I decidedly ended the lease on my apartment in NYC a month early so that I could move to Long Island and spend time with my family for the month before I go. 90% of my belongings are in a storage container patiently waiting (can boxes be patient? of course) for me to ship them down to Austin. For now, I’m working from my parent’s kitchen via an arrangement with my company in which I will work part time consulting as a Digital Strategist (mostly while staring at my pajama pants thinking, “Should I get dressed yet? Nah…”). From the side of my computer I could hear the channel 7 news anchor telling me today that Texas hasn’t seen less than 100 degree heat in a record breaking 52 days.

That’s cool. I think i can take the heat.

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