Coffee, Eggs, and Peanut Butter

I am a coffee addict by day, egg addict by early day… and peanut butter addict all day. Getting each of those vices in my system helps me function like a normal human Melanie, or else the Incredible Mulk makes an appearance.

the incredible mulk

The Incredible Mulk

It’s crazy how much power routines have over an individual (read: me). At the beginning of my time in Austin—the past six days-I was super stressed out, and almost always hungry (I had no peanut butter! Ahhh!!). I also had a headache for three days in a row that no amount of Advil or Tylenol could cure. This could be because I’m a super hero/mutant and I need super hero strength medication—or because I just didn’t feel comfortable anywhere.

Have you ever relied solely on hotel coffee? ‘Nuff said.

Thanks to finding an apartment, and still holding onto the rental car, today I can finally say I feel back to normal! I bought a jar of pb and a loaf of bread to keep me steady at 6:30am, and found a savior in the name of Austin Java that gives me the other few vices I need in life. With a side of awesomely well-done bacon that I can’t stop eating until it’s all gone. Although, who would leave any bacon over? If it’s you, start repenting for your sins.

I spent the whole morning at AJ, and stayed straight through to lunch. Here’s a look at my eats (a little faded from my camera phone). These meals definitely made up for last night’s Chinese food fail:

bacon and eggs for breakfast

Eggs over medium + bacon + fruit + coffee

Tuna Niciose for lunch

Tuna nicoise salad, hold the eggs

I kept wondering if the server hated me for the two and a half hours after breakfast where I didn’t order anything, but turns out it was totally cool. Thanks AJ server, I salute you for letting me live at your coffee joint. I also noticed two other people around me who were parked with their laptops for hours also, so I wasn’t  a lone wifi soldier.

To thank AJ, I tweeted at them profusely, and left a very nice tip. I’ll be back tomorrow. Please let me in :).

7 responses to “Coffee, Eggs, and Peanut Butter

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  2. All day at austin Java?! I’m jealous. And I am with you–who are these people who leave bacon behind on a plate? Welcome to Austin!! I’m happy you found my blog. I found you on Twitter! SO, you see, now we are connected. Have fun settling in to my awesome town. I will be reading. Love your writing, by the way.

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