Back In New York For a Week

I’m very excited to be waking up in New York this morning! After taking my test in Austin last night, I hopped a cab to the airport, and landed in JFK at around 8:30. When I got to my parents house I found my dad making beef stew, and my mom shuffling me around to show me all the little things that have changed around the house. Pretty standard :).

the rents

The parents stocked up on peanut butter, eggs, and greek yogurt in my honor, #winning. In about an hour I’m going to take the train into the city to my office for the day, and then tonight I’m meeting up with my best friend for some long-needed catch up time. I’m so pumped to see everyone I wish I could just blink myself over there like I dream of genie.

I brought my jump rope with me with very good intentions of waking up early and heading outside for a quick workout… but it’s only forty-seven degrees out and that is putting me in shock compared to Austin’s mid-eighties! Instead, I’m about to head into the kitchen for some coffee and mom chat.

Hope everyone has a great day 🙂

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