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Hidden within the McCarren Park Hipsters

I was walking through McCarren Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn yesterday, and I got lost in a sea of whirling hipsters. One tattooed arm blended into a dragon-swirled back whose black ink strokes gave way to long black hair and shaggy bangs that shook out over eyes seeing the same.

But through the swirls and pools of people banding together to be different, I caught a scene of innocence, and it was so, so refreshing. Like lemonade and ices, and sticky fingers in summer–before the summer turns into the drudge in which we have a sticky commute while pining for iced coffee.

P.S. Contrary to how this post comes across, I have a love for hipsters 🙂

Brooklyn Distance Running is a Cultural Experience

This morning I knocked out 4.6 Miles here. That is the longest distance I’ve ever squeezed in before work. Victorious! I ran through three distinct Brooklyn neighborhoods and saw the morning routines and nuances of three different cultures (Hipster–is this a culture? Hasidic, and Hispanic).

Looking at this small loop it seems impossible that there can be such abrupt changes in the people who live here. If I went even farther out I would’ve hit a fourth, without a doubt. Welcome to Brooklyn friends. I personally think it’s one of the borough’s best attributes.

Random Directions of Life

So my running cycle continues. I would love to say that my graceful glide back into the morning runs has stuck, but this weekend was chaos and with chaos comes no time, and with no time… comes not putting myself first… aka.. no running.

That’s not how it’s supposed to go, I know.

But, so it went. I did a lot of writing this weekend, not for this blog clearly, and my mom came into Brooklyn to get dinner with me Sunday (rare form) which was really nice.

I DID have a jazzercise adventure this weekend. What did she say? I said Jazzercise. Why? For this article. It was an interesting experience. Definitely something you could only find in Brooklyn. These two women rent out a room in a makeshift multi-tenant building, and teach aerobics like it’s the 80’s. Fully donned in spandex and side ponies. The kitschiness is definitely with a purpose, and it was funny–including the alcoholic beverages served prior to working out. BUT it wasn’t really a kick-ass workout. It was more like dance class. But my arms did get fatigued and I was grunting like an old man at the gym occasionally.

In other news, I’m leaving for IRELAND on Thursday. This trip has me in a slight panic since I’ve planned nothing. I just called my friend today to find out which airport we fly out of (JFK) and what time the flight is (8:45). We are flying into Dublin, and then have a car rented to drive around for a week. Where are we driving to? I don’t know. Can I drive on the opposite side of the street? I hope ;).

Don’t quest and answer formatted posts get annoying? I agree.

I’d also like to share with you a weird thing I noticed on the back of a can of chick peas: an ingredient (chemical) was “added to promote color retention.” Why don’t they just say “added o retain color”? Who can I write to about this?