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Really Early Wake Up Calls = Mel the Blob

Let’s took a look at the workout plan sched (skej) for Wendesday:

Looks pretty innocent. Just some “spinning”. No big deal. Oh wait, it’s at 6:30am at the NYSC gym 35 minutes from my apartment. AKA I had to wake up at 5:30am and book it there. Through the cold, frozen, sidewalks of Brooklyn. Pity me yet? No?

Waking up actually wasn’t too bad, and I got out of my apartment in 20 minutes. I stopped at Dunkin Donuts right before hopping on the L train and got a shot of espresso to pick me up (a regular coffee wouldve been too much liquid to have to drink in 10 minutes). I also got a lowfat blueberry muffin, ripped one bite off the top and threw out the rest. Strange behavior.

I got to the gym with 3 minutes to spare, threw my stuff in a locker and hopped on a bike. The bike I chose was really out of alignment for my height, but I couldn’t get the seat to move up and the class was already starting. So I did the whole class with my knees coming up way higher then they should have. Bad form, but good effort?

The instructor was an awesome blonde chick who was engaging and positive. She also played good music which is rare. We did speed a lot of speed intervals and my thighs burned pretty much the entire time. My favorite part of the workout though was the hot shower afterwards :).

I’m glad I did it, but really the whole rest of the day I was a blob. Rolling along throughout my office leaving trails of slow blobbiness everywhere.


I need to solve this blobbiness issue if I’m going to keep these 5:30 spinning classes in my schedule. Anyone have a cure? My appetite was also bonkers (who says bonkers?) but I guess that part makes sense–more energy expenditure = my body saying feed me more, yo.

Day 4 = success, if a little slimy.

When the Goin Gets Tough Remember To Take Care of Yourself

Normally, I love my job. I work with great people, and we make cool things happen. Today, however, was not a good day at work. Just one of those days when too much needs to get done in not enough time, and things get a little hairy. Today was like cousin it.

my day at work, but i'd throw a few curls in

I ended up working until 7pm, and needless to say when I finally shut down my computer I did NOT want to go to the gym and to complete a workout. Had this been any other time in my life when I didn’t have a workout schedule I would’ve been on the train pining for sweatpants and my bed ASAP (and chocolate. definitely chocolate). But you know what? I’ll be damned if a bad day at work will take over my attitude and have me put myself last. I changed my mindset to focus on putting my personal goals first, and taking care of my needs! Sounds so selfish, but I’m really just comparing my wants to my career pressures. So this is okay :).

Today’s workout plan:

I arrived at the gym at 7:15 which unfortunately means I missed the 6:30 ab class I penciled in, but something is better than nothing. I hit the dreadmill treadmill and got in my 2 miles. They started out powerful–“I am strong! Damn the man!”–and ended with staring at the mileage on the clock as it creeped towards 2. Torture. I kept bumping up the speed for 2 minute intervals so I could reach the distance faster and get the hell out of there. Unplanned speed work, sweet. Once I hit the big 2, I slowed down and walked on an incline for 4 minutes. Then I hit the road.

When I got home consumed a large plate of steamed broccoli and red kidney beans + a spicy black bean veggie burger. Glory. glory. We are the champions.

My friends.

Stick To Your Plan From the Get-Go (i think i can..)

This morning was the first “workout before work” day with my new regime, so it was important to me not to miss it. I think once you start to make concessions and allowances with decisions/rules/whathaveyou, it automatically sets the tone for not taking it seriously. And I’m trying to be serious here. (get big, right?).

So I set my alarm for 6:30 giving me enough time for the 40 minute workout + whatever time I need to get ready for work. No matter what the temperature was going to be, it’s just 2 miles that I need to complete.. that’s doable. Just 20 minutes! Cmon mel. No big deal.

Out I went at 7:15 (where did the time go? oh, checking email before I left. stupid.) and I got in the mileage along this route here. After mapping the route on–if you’ve never used that site check it out, it’s pretty sweet–the distance is only 1.84 miles. I shouldve known that because it tooke me less than 20 minutes. Next time I’ll map the route before I go… ha.

The run today felt better than yesterday and it was sub-30 degrees out there, too. One mile in I was warmed up and felt strong, it was nice. I’m so happy to be getting back into my runs! I didn’t get the ocean in my chest feeling today, and my breathing was level.

I got back to my place and jumped right into Tae Bo with Billy Blanks, the 20 minute amped up workout. Somehow it was longer than 20 mins.. which is weird.. so I had to cut it off due to being late for work. BUT–I like his workouts. They don’t feel that impactful as you do them, but I’m always sore in hard to target places the next day, especially abs and back. Secret butt kicking takes place. Nice.

I am sore from yesterday’s workout, by the way, in my arms and chest. Glory in the making. So far, so good.