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How to Run with a Hangover

Step 1: Sit on the couch and feel the pain

Step 2: Chug cold water like it might instantly cure you

Step 3: Regret how much you drank the night before

Step 4: Immediately delete step 3 after reading and move directly ahead to step 5

Step 5: Debate if it is a good idea to run in this condition

Step 6: Realize that you’re probably very dehydrated, will get nauseous 5 minutes after you start, crumble, and start directly back at Step 1.

Step 7: Skip the morning run and wait until the afternoon or evening. mm hm.

The More Out of Shape Your Are, The Better You Can Become. Win!

Shortly after sharing my new workout schedule challenge yesterday, I embarked on day 1. The workout planned was 2 miles of cardio + Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred DVD (if you’re not familiar with this DVD just imagine a 20 minute total body workout class).

I of course treated my 2 miles as a run (wahoo! finally!) and donned my fail-proof cold weather workout gear. I headed out around noon and it was surprisingly warmer than I remember it being last time I ran this month. It was 35 degrees–funny how everything’s relative.

The 2 miles weren’t that bad. On the last half mile I began to get that ocean in your lungs, pain in your teeth feeling which really indicates how much I need to work on my cardiovascular system. My lungs are pretty weak right now. But I was really happy I made this plan, and stuck to the 2 miles. Without it I know I would’ve tried for more, and felt too much pain. Also by keeping my mileage low to start I’m avoiding a bout of runner’s knee which I get every time I come back too hard. And it felt SO FREAKIN’ GOOD to be running :).

Once back at my place, I walked up and down the block a few times to catch my breath and then headed in and got out my weights.

That’s when level 1 of the Shred DVD kicked my ass. Seriously. From the first strength move I was shaking. Specifically my shoulders, biceps, and triceps were all maxed out from the reps she instructed (an average doable amount). And I was only using 4 lb. handweights. My butt muscles also strained with the side and static lunges. It wasn’t nearly this challenging last time I did this workout months ago.

I was really surprised how out of shape I am! But you know what? I’m actually excited that I’m weak and at the bottom right now. Let me put it into perspective for you. When I’m in peak shape, running 4 miles a day, 5 days a week–that’s where I feel pretty good–I wonder “How am I ever going to get better? What else can I do?? Run more miles? Run twice a day? Eat more protein??”.

Right now, knowing I’m at the bottom of my physical condition means every little thing I do will have a result. Even a short 2 mile run. Score. More of a reason to stick to it.

The Return to Running Butterflies

Aaah! I’m lacing up my sneaks, getting ready to head out for my return to running run. I need to remind myself of all the comeback runs I’ve had in the last year, and how I’m thankful after each one.. because I’m always apprehensive (ahh!) before I get outside.

What am I scared of? The same as usual: that I won’t be able to handle the distance, I will be as slow as a turtle–a very good looking turtle–and the runners of Brooklyn will all gather in front of my apartment when I return to laugh at me. Guys, don’t gather, really.

I woke up at 6am, had a bowl of oat bran for breakfast, a cup of instant coffee… and waited about two and a half hours. I told myself I have a date with destiny at 9:30. It’s 9:15 and I’m eating chocolate chips from the bag with one sneaker on.. thinking.. about.. every possible thing that can delay my getting outside. Maybe I’ll check my email one more time? Am i dressed warm enough? Should I charge my ipod a little more? .. why am I a crazy lady? At least I’m not a cat lady.

Okay. Go time. My goal is to get three miles in. Walking is allowed if needed. If anyone passes me by, please stop to give me a high five. I like high fives. Especially if your hands are warmer than mine on this cold morning. Bullocks.