Born in Brooklyn, raised in Staten Island (fist pump), and having lived all over the boroughs, I’m a New York City girl at heart. I’m a self-professed fitness junky, health food MacGyver (seriously, I can make a salad with just a paper clip and chewing gum), blogger, freelance journalist, song writer, digital strategist at Launchpad Advertising, and peanut butter & jelly ninja. I’m currently living outside of New York for the first time in my life, calling Austin, Texas my home. Let’s see what happens 🙂

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to reach out at sherunsbrooklyn[at]gmail[dot]com.

Oh, and my name is Melanie, but most people call me Mel.

  • I carry an emergency apple in my bag at all times.
  • I believe we are our own best advocates. Yes, I will carry around an emergency apple, and I will not care when people make fun of me.
  • I want all the great guitarists of our time to swarm into my apartment and play me a symphony, for two reasons. One, it will drive my mean neighbor crazy and maybe he’ll move out. Two, I could capture them and keep them for private badass guitar lessons on demand.
  • I work in advertising and try daily not to become the man, and not to face the fact that I ultimately work for him.
  • My name is Melanie. Most people call me Mel.

I love reading your comments and answering your emails, so always feel free to share your thoughts! Thanks for reading 🙂

6 responses to “About

  1. Is that Lauren Ho that you chopped off this pict? What up Lauren?!

  2. it’s not, but i’ll pass on the ‘what up’ to her!

  3. Kelter Coolidge

    Do you realize the arrow in the street is pointing at you?

  4. No, i never noticed that. Kinda hilarious.

  5. Added you to my blogroll & google reader!! Love your posts!


  6. adding you up on google reader. re: “hello out there”…please keep posting!

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