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Fall Heats the Streets of Brooklyn

Give Williamsburg an ounce of warmth mixed with a bit of sunshine, throw in a few local crazies, and you’ve got yourself a sweet menagerie on and around Bedford Ave.

Check out the home-grown (slightly creepy?) ice cream man, complete with hot pink bow tie.IMGP3383

Print thrives on the sidewalks.book seller in brooklyn

grandma’s vintage wintercoats and boots are showing up for sale.street clothes in brooklyn

And we all keep marching our crazy pants right along into October.

Go Green Movement in Brooklyn

Morning confrontation: On my way to a local coffee shop Al Biet this morning, I passed a couple of kids urging me to shop at the deli next door between the hours of 11am-4pm.

Brooklyn Shakers

Why are you accosting me before I’ve had coffee? 

The movement: Help a local mom & pop shop move towards sustainability. Everything bought during the allotted window goes to a Go Green fund that will allow the location to green itself starting with its operational platforms all the way to the products offered. The more money raised = more opportunity for positive change.

go green on bedford ave

Brooklyn readers: Hit up Bedford Deli & Grocery today between 11am-4pm to help them green their business. One small local effort, part of a larger global initiative.

Bedford Deli and Grocery

Rock on.

Bubble Tea Saves Lives

After my run this afternoon I felt like total sh*t.

I couldn’t figure out how to fix it; I drank a few glasses of water, showered, ate some salad and a yogurt, and laid down. I was exhausted, and thought maybe I just needed a nap.

Naps and me, we aren’t friends. I never actually fall asleep, just wake up very groggy and pissed off. This isn’t good for anyone. So, my attempt at laying down and napping failed, and I had a lightbulb moment upon getting up again. Ice cold bubble tea is the answer! YES!

I took a trip to Bedford Ave and hit up this spot:

I don't know why their logo is a foot.

I ordered an iced milk green tea with tapioca and half the sugar (these drinks are so sweet that I usually get nauseus after I down it in 5 minutes flat; less sugar helped!):



If you’ve never had bubble tea before, it’s regular green or black tea, flavored as you choose (some of my favorites are coconut and taro), with tapioca balls at the bottom of the cup. The straw you drink it with is extra wide so that while you sip, the tapioca gets slurped up also. It’s like a chewy drink party in your mouth. Yes, there is a party in my mouth tonight and you are all invited.

I drank the tea. I felt so much better. I have no rationale. But I found the cure.


Is what I’m going to turn this summer into. Check out the view from in front of the street of my apartment:


The park is begging me to run right through it. “Melanie! Come run in me!” (it talks?). I’m about to go kick my ass for perhaps 4 miles? I need to feel my legs and lungs burn; the craving is coming back and I love it. 

Bedford Ave is a sloppy fantastic mess today full of vendors, musicians, skaters – and I mean real skaters; I did a double take an hour ago driving past and there was a crew of maybe 30 kids doing tricks with MJ blasting (moment of silence for MJ). Therefore I’ve decided to try a new route and steer clear of that zone to avoid a hit and run incident ..get it?? hit.. and run? I can’t wait to get back here victoriously sweating. Isn’t that the best feeling?

Anyway. Runapalooza ’09 is on. If you book them, they will come..  Wayne’s World anyone?

Be Easy

I turned 24 this weekend (aah!), and after 2 nights of heavy drinking, I guess I can’t really expect too much of myself as runner Mel. Following my long run on Saturday, I was really pumped to crank out another winner on Sunday, and even mapped out a new route as I promised myself (and you, yet to come readers) that I’d explore.

I started passing through the park and just could not imagine having to think about where I was headed. Instead, I opted to run a regular route of mine which is about 3.3 miles up Bedford Avenue to South 5th , Across to Marci, and Down Meeker.

You check out the route here.

All in all, it was a pretty blah run. But you know what? Not all runs need to be stellar. Sometimes it’s just as great to take it easy and let your mind relax and wander. I netted out pretty slow, probably around 10 minute miles, and was very happy to finish. And just when the blahs seemed to take over, I found myself in front of my neighbors unbelievably beautiful rose bush, and stopped, to.. well.. smell the roses.
Honestly, the cliche of it made it all that better 🙂 and the blahs went away.