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Eating Tons of Plants All Day


As I have not been running, working out, or doing anything remotely interesting in the exercise world, I decided to share with you a standard day of meals for mel. I know a lot of you read blogs that focus solely on healthy eating, cooking, and creative meals, so this might fit in, eh?

The first thing you should know is that my meals are usually very uncreative. I am the kind of person who can eat the same thing everyday and be cool with it. Even more scary specifically, I go to the same deli near my office for both breakfast and lunch daily. And then I eat the same dinner once I get home (unless I go out to eat, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately :)). In all of these meals I try to eat either fruit or vegetables. Lots of them. TONS of them. Hugemassiveamountsofthem.

Why do I put such little thought into my meals? Because I generally don’t care what I eat. That takes too much time. As long as it’s healthy and it tastes good I’m good to go. It’s actually probably a bad thing that I keep eating the same foods because I’m not varying the nutrients my body gets, but… eh.. we can worry about that another time.

Standard day of eats:


I've eaten greek yogurt everyday for maybe 1 year

Notes about bfast: That is a commercial bran muffin behind a container of Greek yogurt and mixed berries. I have a muffin obsession, and generally only eat the muffin top and then chuck it. Yes, this is a waste of muffin bottom.



Lunch notes: Attempted list of what’s in this huge salad. Go! spinach base, avocado and sunflower seeds (for a dose o’ healthy fat), carrots, sprouts, mushrooms, and chick peas. All in plain balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper. Try putting salt and pepper on a salad–it actually rocks and there’s no turning back for me now.

INSERT AFTERNOON SNACK HERE: generally it would be one of those single serving packs of almonds that you find in the deli (if you’re from NYC, i’m talking about those beige and orange bags), an apple or some other fruit, and a ton of random pretzels throughout the day that we keep in the office.


that's IT?

Dinner notes: Here’s the deal with dinner. By the time I get home from work, I am the most ravenous monster you have ever met. I need to eat food immediately, and there is NO TIME to think about it. Thus I give you: a microwaved veggie burger ( really awesome tasting from MorningStar Farms) and leftover roasted brussel sprouts. I never eat these with a bun. I think it’s because I envision it more as a side of tasty protein (weird way to put it?) and less like a hamburger shaped thing that needs a bun.

INSERT NIGHT TIME SNACK HERE: something chocolate. everytime. or else I turn back into a frog.

You might’ve noticed (or maybe you didn’t; then allow me to point this out for you) that there is no meat in this day. Without thinking about it, it’s very easy to me to skip meat for days in a row. My mind just doesn’t gravitate to it at all, I’m not sure why. I have no problem with eating meat, just sayin’. It’s not as frequent for me as it might be for other people. I also noticed there’s no bread up there. Bread’s great. I eat it all the time. Just not most of the time apparently.

Pretty accurate. Pretty boring. Pretty excellent in my eyes. Does this seem weird to you?


Cooking Without Pots 101

I used to have a set of pots and pans. All different sized cookware to say.. boil water for pasta, saute some stuff, scramble eggs. There’s more complicated things people do with pots and pans.. but I’d say that was my range. However, in my new apartment, I don’t have any of these items. How I found myself without pots and pans is a long, “did you really do that Mel?” story, that I won’t get into, but none the less, here I am.

Without pots, one is really limited to three ways of cooking/making food:

  • microwave
  • toaster oven
  • real deal oven

I’ve been pretty surprised with how versatile all of these items can be (yeah I guess real deal oven is not new news…). But I have to say I’m especially uncovering the awesomeness of the microwave.

Did you know you can make eggs in the microwave? Or a sweet potato? No? It’s really, really fast.

Eggs In The Microwave Directions:

  • Crack one egg into a microwavable mug
  • Scramble it up or leave it whole–whichever you prefer (I’m a scrambler)
  • Add some salt and pepper into the mug. Bonus: add oregano. Seriously, it makes the eggs rock.
  • Place mug in microwave for 1 minute (might be 1:20 depending on your micro power).
  • Donezo.

Sweet Potato In The Microwave Directions:

  • Either keep whole and poke w/ a fork, or slice into 1/2″ discs
  • Put potato on a plate and cover in plastic wrap
  • If whole: micro for 4-5 mins; if discs: micro for 3-4 mins
  • Donezo.
  • Bonus: Take discs, spread peanut butter and jelly on each bite, and eat it for breakfast. mm hm. I do this.

I’ve also found that microwaving tomatoes is the shit. Check it out:

micro power

What else can be done in the microwave? Coffee. Coffee?!?! Coffee. I don’t have a coffee pot or kettle to boil water in, so it’s me, the micro, and instant Folgers. Just micro a mug w/ water for 1:30, add teaspoon of instant coffee. Drink that shit. I find coffee is especially useful when drank on an empty stomach in the morning. I wrote this post in 15 minutes and my leg is shaking. heh.

Toaster over and conventional oven adventures to come.

Riding It Out

Sometimes I have to work really late. Right at this moment it is 8:54pm, and I’m at my desk. Clearly no longer working since I’m writing this post, but might as well be. I’m in a cubicle. Nothing fun can happen in a cubicle.

I’m not going to complain about work because I love my job. And who knows if my bosses read this (If you do.. let me know?). Instead, I’m going to complain about what working this late does to my life.

The Results of Working 50-60 Hour Weeks in an office:

  • Inability to not think about work after leaving work
  • #1 causes inability to fall asleep
  • #2 causes that throbbing head feeling when you wake up
  • #3 =  hell no, I will not be running
  • Massive caffeine consumption throughout the day (1 large coffee, 1 medium starbucks “awake” tea, 2 diet cokes)
  • Which leads to: internal anger that I’m not putting myself as a priority
  • But then I back down from #5 because this is the advertising industry, and we all need to suck it up sometimes. Do you suck it up? That question sounds inappropriate.
  • Getting dinner paid for by the company while I eat it at my desk. Thumbs up for free dinner. Thumbs down for dinner at a desk.

happy cubicle dinner mel

  • Post dinner back to work madness:

meltdown mel

  • A week off at the end of May to cool my jets (takin a roadtrip w/ the boyfriend. where are we going? we don’t know).
  • Poor grammar in blog posts.

It’s now 9:13. Enough time wasted. Back to work. Possible yoga in the morning if throbbing head doesn’t make an appearance.

Holiday Party at Rye House NYC + Hangover Run

Last night was my office holiday party. I work at a small startup ad agency, so we hooked ourselves up modestly with a reserved table at a bar in NYC called Rye House. Most people approach office parties with a plan of poise and pace so as not to become that guy. Well, I think we all had the goal of becoming him as quickly as possible.

Rye house has an awesome cocktail menu that started me off right (or wrong, depending on how you see it). I started with the house punch.

We all started talking, having a good time. After some drinking we went in for food. I find this is always a fatal (excellent) approach: start drinking hard liquor before you eat. Guaranteed sloppy night + hangover.

In keeping with the impending doom that we knew awaited us tomorrow, all the food available was either fried, cheesy, pastry, or meaty. I had a bite of everything below. My coworkers were cheering me on in shock because they think I only eat carrots and coffee. I couldn’t believe I was eating this stuff myself. But dammit, I was drunk and hungry. What do you want?

The tomfoolery went on until around well into the night, and then we all hopped into cabs exclaiming we weren’t showing up at the office until noon the next day. I went home. My stomach went into shock. At 3am I woke up and crawled to the bathroom. Nothing happened.. though I wish it did ’cause I would’ve felt better! I laid in my bed with my hands on stomach until I fell asleep.

Then I did the unthinkable after a night of mayhem. I went running. In 28 degrees. With a hangover. At 8am.

It was brutal. I got a stitch ten minutes into it and had to take walking breaks. I did a small loop of about 2.5 miles, and couldn’t wait to get back to my apartment. I think i do need to invest in warmer running tights by the way if I keep heading out in this weather. When I got in the hot shower, my thighs stayed red and cold the entire time. Like robot legs. Weird.

Sneaker Battle and Green Dinner

Confession: I’m afraid to run in my new kicks again because I don’t want to get another blister, so I’ve been running in my old ones… running away with fear..


Asics Frenemies

Asics Frenemies



The yellow team is winning at the moment: Asics Trabuco 10. I debated the issue with Mike 1 this morning at 6:30am over a cup of coffee:

Mel: “I’m afraid to run in my kicks again man, I don’t want another blister.”

Mike 1: “No way dude, you can’t do that. You gotta break em in!”

Mel: “Yeah, I know, but what if I get another and can’t run for 2 days?”

Mike 1: “Dude, you gotta man up.”

Mel: “Shut up and make more coffee.”

Mike 1: “Wutchu talkin bout Willis?”

So I ran in my yellow soldiers (soldiers? sneaker battle?) and got in 2.6 miles here. I was very tired this morning and wasn’t really feelin’ the run so I didn’t want to push more miles in. I added in some arm work when I got back to feel a little more complete. I have these baby 4 lb weights that are perfect for me due to having the weakest upper body on the planet. Yes, I surveyed the planet.

Any thoughts out there about breakin’ in the new kicks sans blister? Matt at No Meat Athlete has been facing the same challenge. Together we run.. together we blist.

Overall it was a good morning workout. Sweet.

On my way home from work today I snagged 2 end of day sale items at the farmer’s market- baby zucchini and micro-greens. With those, I used some brussel sprouts I already had and turned this:green vegetablesinto this:veggie burger with more veggies

Yum. Kinda looks the same though, doesn’t it.. yeah, I just steamed it and threw in a veggie burger. It’s who I am guys.

The Mess Makeover

Hi friends.

For the frequent blog readers out there I’m sure you’re all familiar, and have probably created and eaten, a “mess”. Definition of a mess: a bunch of yummy stuff thrown together in a bowl.  A typical mess in blogland is yogurt, mixed with any combination of cereal, granola, nut butter, sometimes fruit, sometimes flax seed, sometimes chocolate chips. You get the picture. Example: Greek yogurt mixed with Kashi Go lean Crunch, Life cereal, blueberries, and a spoonful of peanut butter. Yum? mm hmm.

I’ve done those messes and loved them, but thought I’d share a different kind of mess with you. I give you, the mel mess:

mess ala mel

mess ala mel


What you’re lookin at:

  • 1 cup cauliflower (all veggies are steamed in the microwave for 3 mins)
  • 1/2 cup baby carrots
  • 1/2 cup of butter beans
  • large spoonful of hummus
  • dashes of Texas Pete hot sauce
  • sliced green olives

Mix it all up in the bowl you steamed the veggies in. Down it. Throw the bowl in the sink and dance around the living room.* Any veggie combo would work. Except never do it with broccoli (… kidding, gotcha there).

It’s freakin easy, tastes good, and it’s healthy. Try it out!


*dancing optional.

I Eat the Same Thing Everyday

And I run the same 3.2 mile loop every morning. Routine much?

I didn’t realize how much of a routine freak I am until I started this blog. My original intention was to write about new running routes I found every morning.. which quickly faded when the thought of running somewhere new and unchartered in the morning made me really uneasy. I felt anxious and worried that the run wouldn’t be as satisfying and totally bailed each time. I thought I was cool! Shit.

My food habits are similar. I seem to find something I like and eat it everyday for months straight. For example, there was a period in my life during college when I ate oatmeal for breakfast every single day for a year. insanity.

Should I make an effort to change things up more? I don’t know, it’s kinda like if it aint broke don’t fix it to me.

Routines that I’m velcroed to at the moment:

  • This 3.2 mile loop every weekday morning (since I’ve lived here and the weather permitted)
  • Oatmeal & coffee for breakfast (the previous 6 month obsession was fruit & yogurt)
  • A salad & Greek yogurt for lunch (I think I’m on week 2 of this)
  • baby carrots + an apple for afternoon snacks (holy shit. i think i’ve been doing this for 5 years)
  • Steamed veggies & a veggie burger for dinner (going on a month, exceptions for when I go out to dinner)
  • Hi, my name is Melanie and I’m from Boringville, USA.

Dinner tonight


I'm aware this doesn't look appetizing

I'm aware this doesn't look appetizing


Amy’s California veggie burger with steamed cauliflower, broccoli, and mushrooms on the side. Everything was doused in Texas Pete hot sauce with a side of hummus, ketchup, and mustard (note: the burger has a few bites missing and there are some random olives thrown on the plate).


P.S. How do you feel about my use of “velcroed” up there? I think I like it.