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Riding It Out

Sometimes I have to work really late. Right at this moment it is 8:54pm, and I’m at my desk. Clearly no longer working since I’m writing this post, but might as well be. I’m in a cubicle. Nothing fun can happen in a cubicle.

I’m not going to complain about work because I love my job. And who knows if my bosses read this (If you do.. let me know?). Instead, I’m going to complain about what working this late does to my life.

The Results of Working 50-60 Hour Weeks in an office:

  • Inability to not think about work after leaving work
  • #1 causes inability to fall asleep
  • #2 causes that throbbing head feeling when you wake up
  • #3 =  hell no, I will not be running
  • Massive caffeine consumption throughout the day (1 large coffee, 1 medium starbucks “awake” tea, 2 diet cokes)
  • Which leads to: internal anger that I’m not putting myself as a priority
  • But then I back down from #5 because this is the advertising industry, and we all need to suck it up sometimes. Do you suck it up? That question sounds inappropriate.
  • Getting dinner paid for by the company while I eat it at my desk. Thumbs up for free dinner. Thumbs down for dinner at a desk.

happy cubicle dinner mel

  • Post dinner back to work madness:

meltdown mel

  • A week off at the end of May to cool my jets (takin a roadtrip w/ the boyfriend. where are we going? we don’t know).
  • Poor grammar in blog posts.

It’s now 9:13. Enough time wasted. Back to work. Possible yoga in the morning if throbbing head doesn’t make an appearance.


Really Early Wake Up Calls = Mel the Blob

Let’s took a look at the workout plan sched (skej) for Wendesday:

Looks pretty innocent. Just some “spinning”. No big deal. Oh wait, it’s at 6:30am at the NYSC gym 35 minutes from my apartment. AKA I had to wake up at 5:30am and book it there. Through the cold, frozen, sidewalks of Brooklyn. Pity me yet? No?

Waking up actually wasn’t too bad, and I got out of my apartment in 20 minutes. I stopped at Dunkin Donuts right before hopping on the L train and got a shot of espresso to pick me up (a regular coffee wouldve been too much liquid to have to drink in 10 minutes). I also got a lowfat blueberry muffin, ripped one bite off the top and threw out the rest. Strange behavior.

I got to the gym with 3 minutes to spare, threw my stuff in a locker and hopped on a bike. The bike I chose was really out of alignment for my height, but I couldn’t get the seat to move up and the class was already starting. So I did the whole class with my knees coming up way higher then they should have. Bad form, but good effort?

The instructor was an awesome blonde chick who was engaging and positive. She also played good music which is rare. We did speed a lot of speed intervals and my thighs burned pretty much the entire time. My favorite part of the workout though was the hot shower afterwards :).

I’m glad I did it, but really the whole rest of the day I was a blob. Rolling along throughout my office leaving trails of slow blobbiness everywhere.


I need to solve this blobbiness issue if I’m going to keep these 5:30 spinning classes in my schedule. Anyone have a cure? My appetite was also bonkers (who says bonkers?) but I guess that part makes sense–more energy expenditure = my body saying feed me more, yo.

Day 4 = success, if a little slimy.

Four (4) Mile Mornings

Something is happening…  I’m running more than usual and I’m not even thinking about it. I mean, I’m thinking about it.. but rather, not stressing about it.

Why would long, awesome runs make me stress?

I think it’s something like, and this I believe this is the mindset of most runners, if you achieve something once–whether it’s a certain distance, time, type of workout–it becomes the next benchmark to always strive for. For example, if I manage to squeeze in 4.5 miles one morning, then every morning after that I will know that 3 miles is no longer the best I can do… I have done better.

Running is truly a competition against yourself. See what I mean? It’s a morning battle of mel vs. mel everyday. I spite myself and surprise myself. It sounds like a vicious cycle, but it’s not. It’s an ambitious cycle. I like that; it’s now my quote of the day.

This holiday weekend I ran it up big time (for me, not.. for a marathoner in training) and managed a four miler or more everyday. I just stopped thinking so hard about how well I was doing and ran to feel good. That it the best way to do it, my friends. I did write up my Thanksgiving morning run over the Pulaski Bridge in Brooklyn for the WG News if you want to read about it. you do.

Today I ran 3.9 miles here, and I felt very strong the whole way. That’s unusual for me because longer morning runs usually hit my legs hard (aka the jelly legs attack) and I have to take it easy. This morning was a small victory for melkind. Sweet.

Night Run Cause and Effects

Tonight I was angry.

Some personal shit went down, and there was smoke seeping out of my body as I left work. I had to run to midtown and pick up tickets for a broadway show, and noticed I was speedwalking through the crowds at a furious pace. Bam tourists, out of my way! …

I decided a night run was in order. And continued my furious pace back down to the subway into Brooklyn. I got to my place around 7:00, it was already completely dark outside (sunset appeared to be at 5pm today.. wtf?), and prepped for go time. Then out the door at 7:30.

Immediate lesson (that I already knew and ignored): Do not wear ALL BLACK while running at night. Especially in Brooklyn. Especially when running in the street. With cars. We are breakable. The first loud honk scared me onto the sidewalk for the rest of the night.

Going up Bedford Ave was a breeze, and then when I hit the Williamsburg bridge I stopped and walked for a block. I didn’t interpret this as weakness, I just wanted to walk and think. I didn’t want to get back home so quickly and the movement was good for my head.

After the short walk, I turned and headed back home along the BQE. This is when the speed kicked in. My pace reminded me of a cruise workout like I used to do in high school (hitting race pace for a set period of time). My lungs were burning beautifully, and my breathing was heavy but consistent. My legs were strong and my pace stayed steady. All this even after taking some weeks off; I was amazed. I think this was a combo effect from hyped up adrenaline and fuel.

Another thing I learned (and already knew, but also ignored): Fueling properly before a run really DOES improve performance. I wasn’t planning on this run, but I had a package of cashews and an apple at work just before leaving, and I definitely felt stronger than usual. No dropoff in energy towards the second half, and no empty stomach. When I run in the morning it’s either an empty stomach or a piece of bread because I don’t have time to sit and digest. Not sure if I can eat more on morning weekdays, but at least I know.

Total distance was 3.6 miles. Inner fire down to a smolder. When I’m pissed off, I run well. I bet it’s true for a lot of runners. I like it, though I prefer to not be angry. But I think I found the silver lining.

Running Round Crazy

Holy hotdog, batman. I’m tired.

I have realized I am the type of person who takes on just enough things to make one’s self on the verge of crazy. And in addition, I try to keep all other variables (social life, romance) even. This is crazy. Loco?

Current I’m going !#*&@$ loco symptoms:

  • my eyes hurt.
  • i’ve had two cups of coffee everyday for the past week.

    this is peer pressure.

    this is peer pressure.

  • i stay up later than i should to get in everything i’d like to in one day, which leads back to points 1 and 2.
  • currently dormant running shoes. ef.
  • i want to eat everything i see at all times. not too much of an issue, but i know i’m not usually this hungry! i’ve read about less sleep = more appetite. this is true in my study of one.
  • my blog posts become erratic, sporadic, and wild. WILD!
  • failure to use initial caps in bulleted lists.

My plan of attack is to turn this weekend into a chillcation (trademarking that word after I post this). I am going to get started on research for my upcoming WG News piece. Play my guitar. Drink one cup of life jesus coffee a day. Run. Wash my sheets because really, it’s been too long. tmi?

I am going to remember that I need to keep myself balanced and happy before I am able to give the same thing to anyone else. And then I am going to eat a piece of chocolate.

Who wants to eat chocolate with me?

Mysterious Running Gusto

Maybe it’s because I’ve been cutting down on coffee, or maybe I’m made of magic; but my runs have been rocking and full of energy. I vote for the magic theory.

Yesterday morning I set out to do an Ewald workout, and unlike my last attempt, this one was very successful. I started my day at 6:15am with half a cup of coffee and a small piece of bread with jelly. I also had 7 solid hours of sleep behind me which I think makes all the difference.

My Tuesday run centered around the McCarren Park track in Williamsburg and looked like this:

picture courtesy of google. sweet bird.

picture courtesy of google. sweet bird.

  • .5 mile warmup to the track
  • 8 push ups (modified on my knees due to lack of pythons) and 40 bicycle crunches
  • 4×100 sprints with 100 recovery in between
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3
  • 8 push ups and 40 bicycle crunches (total of 3 sets)
  • 1 mile cool down

I was very happy with this workout and my chest is still sore today. I’d like to change my next Ewald workout up with some new strength moves and maybe 200’s instead of 100’s. Variety is the spice of life?

This morning’s run was equally awesome. I finally did a different route than usual, and ran over the Pulaski Bridge to Long Island City. This is a pretty cool bridge for me to run over in the morning because the total distance over and back is about 3.5 miles. I also get to look down onto the entrance of the Midtown Tunnel which is interesting. I like running over traffic. Maybe I’ll spit off of the bridge next time and see if I can hit a car. Just kidding..

But seriously.

NYC Fall Weekends Mean Good Running

One thing that cannot  be taken for granted in NYC is the weather. Seasons come and go like traffic (quick, erratic, unpredictable) and perfectly sunny + breezy days invite swarms of people out to the streets to soak it up.

Planning ahead to take advantage of the cool weather for some serious running, I was successful in my party/alcohol management this weekend and didn’t get a visit from Hangover Harry once. If he came to your house instead, I’m so sorry I let him loose.

Friday night after work I met my friend Amanda for some Mexican food and drinks at a random restuarant we walked past in Chelsea called Salsa Y Salsa. I sipped on a mojito while she got the sangria happy hour special:

she was successful.

she was successful.

The drinks and food were both weak (mad wack, yo). I would recommend you don’t try this place.

Saturday morning I woke up naturally at 6:30am (victory!) and ran a sweet 4.5 miles here from my place down through South Williamsburg and back. Warning: TMI ahead. I started out feeling like a rocket, but somewhere around mile 3 I really had to go to the bathroom. Every step I took I felt my bladder dying inside. I tried to trick my mind and focus on the scenery, but you just don’t get used to the feeling. Bouncing up and down–bad idea all around. I ran frantically in search of a coffee shop that might let me use their restroom but it wasn’t even 8am yet, so NOTHING was open. I ended up slowing down to a walk for maybe 6 blocks to give my bladder a break from the pressure. Eventually I starting running again (very fast) and jetted straight home. Internal mutiny?

Also- I ran before eating anything and I definitely noticed a drop in energy during the run. If I have time in the future I need to eat breakfast first.

Sunday morning I did have time to eat breakfast first (apple, yogurt + granola) and holy moses it made such a difference. I don’t know where this run came from. It was glory. I haven’t had one of these in a while and it was the final proof I needed that I’m back. My 5 run comeback theory was right on.

The motion in my body felt so natural I wasn’t even thinking about how far or how fast I was going. I just let the run guide itself, and mapped it when I came home. The result was 4 smooth miles here, after which I did a victory dance that included the running man*.

I’d also like to note that my calves were very sore both Saturday and Sunday after my runs. I don’t know if I’ve ever really been sore in that area and I’m not sure why all of a sudden now? My best theory is that I’ve been wearing high heeled boots in the cooler weather + no running for 2 weeks = my calf muscles got tight. I was hobbling around all night last night. I probably looked awesome.

Today I’m taking a rest day because I don’t want to overwhelm myself, and I’ll also give my calf muscles time to heal the ef up (heal the ef up guys!). I’ll leave you with a picture of this morning’s sunrise in Union Square:

7:30am, NYC

7:30am, NYC

Total week 1 miles: 14.7. On to comeback week 2!

* I made a running man instructional video if you’d like to learn. Email me for details.

** No, I didn’t.