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Eating Tons of Plants All Day


As I have not been running, working out, or doing anything remotely interesting in the exercise world, I decided to share with you a standard day of meals for mel. I know a lot of you read blogs that focus solely on healthy eating, cooking, and creative meals, so this might fit in, eh?

The first thing you should know is that my meals are usually very uncreative. I am the kind of person who can eat the same thing everyday and be cool with it. Even more scary specifically, I go to the same deli near my office for both breakfast and lunch daily. And then I eat the same dinner once I get home (unless I go out to eat, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately :)). In all of these meals I try to eat either fruit or vegetables. Lots of them. TONS of them. Hugemassiveamountsofthem.

Why do I put such little thought into my meals? Because I generally don’t care what I eat. That takes too much time. As long as it’s healthy and it tastes good I’m good to go. It’s actually probably a bad thing that I keep eating the same foods because I’m not varying the nutrients my body gets, but… eh.. we can worry about that another time.

Standard day of eats:


I've eaten greek yogurt everyday for maybe 1 year

Notes about bfast: That is a commercial bran muffin behind a container of Greek yogurt and mixed berries. I have a muffin obsession, and generally only eat the muffin top and then chuck it. Yes, this is a waste of muffin bottom.



Lunch notes: Attempted list of what’s in this huge salad. Go! spinach base, avocado and sunflower seeds (for a dose o’ healthy fat), carrots, sprouts, mushrooms, and chick peas. All in plain balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper. Try putting salt and pepper on a salad–it actually rocks and there’s no turning back for me now.

INSERT AFTERNOON SNACK HERE: generally it would be one of those single serving packs of almonds that you find in the deli (if you’re from NYC, i’m talking about those beige and orange bags), an apple or some other fruit, and a ton of random pretzels throughout the day that we keep in the office.


that's IT?

Dinner notes: Here’s the deal with dinner. By the time I get home from work, I am the most ravenous monster you have ever met. I need to eat food immediately, and there is NO TIME to think about it. Thus I give you: a microwaved veggie burger ( really awesome tasting from MorningStar Farms) and leftover roasted brussel sprouts. I never eat these with a bun. I think it’s because I envision it more as a side of tasty protein (weird way to put it?) and less like a hamburger shaped thing that needs a bun.

INSERT NIGHT TIME SNACK HERE: something chocolate. everytime. or else I turn back into a frog.

You might’ve noticed (or maybe you didn’t; then allow me to point this out for you) that there is no meat in this day. Without thinking about it, it’s very easy to me to skip meat for days in a row. My mind just doesn’t gravitate to it at all, I’m not sure why. I have no problem with eating meat, just sayin’. It’s not as frequent for me as it might be for other people. I also noticed there’s no bread up there. Bread’s great. I eat it all the time. Just not most of the time apparently.

Pretty accurate. Pretty boring. Pretty excellent in my eyes. Does this seem weird to you?

The Return of Yoga

After all my threatening to halt a bit on running and get into yoga, I finally jumped in. The yogasphere welcomed me with open oms*, and now I’m very, very sore :).

Here’s the story.

As a new weekly contributer to the WGNews, I am contanstly seeking out local health and fitness issues to write about. This might sound easy. Theoretically it is. It just turns out I’m very good at waiting until the last minute to decide my topic and do some research.

This week’s furiously chosen topic (I think I ruined the suprise by now, yes?): yoga. Specifically, I took a class for beginners in the heart of Williamsburg. It was a very, very educational class, and it was good for me since my only previous experience was at Yoga To The People which is all open classes and assumes a level of familiarity I just never had. Unfortunately I can’t divulge details until the article is up in the news, but I’ll hook you up with a link soon. After class I felt shaky and yummy, and hit up El Beit on Bedford for watermelon and iced green ginger tea (the tea was awesome) to write my article.
watermelon and green tea

The story continues:

My ability to wake up at 6am in the dark/cold is very limited so far. I’m weak, I know. So no run again this morning. While at the office, I started to feel the affects of yesterday’s venture into yogaland. My legs felt really tight and my arms sore. I wanted to stretch it out but couldn’t get deep enough. Then it occurred to me: the cure… just might be… more yoga!

Further into yogatown I went, with a return to Yoga To The People tonight. I took a 7:30pm class, and it was as packed as I remember. The difference this time was that I knew my form a little better, and the teacher, a dude named Xander, ROCKED. He articulated exactly what I was feeling when it hurt, so I felt comforted in my pain, and he KICKED OUR ASSES. and made us laugh.

I laughed during yoga class. Is that illegal?

We did some intense core work and I thought my stomach muscles were going to explode. Luckily, they did not explode and I kept my insides to myself. Cheers.


this pic from their site is pretty accurate

I’m looking forward to another deceivingly calm butt-kicking this week. Any NYCers want to join me on a visit to yogaville?

* open oms? instead of open arms? damn i feel clever.

Coffee & Apples.

Hey Team

It is gray and threatening to rain any minute, but sometimes that gives the day such a spooky, thrilling feeling. No run this morning due to shutting off my alarm and waking up at 7am.. which I don’t really remember doing but clearly I needed more sleep today.

So, sans run, the day started with a walk to the L train and a cup of coffee at Variety on Graham Ave in Greenpoint.brooklyn coffee shop sign

I got on the bus:cup of coffee

Hot goodness.

I’ve been talking a lot about my addiction to coffee always lately, and I’m thinkin’… I’ll keep talking about it 🙂 . I woke up with a headache again today (mofo!). It hits about an hour after I wake up and I know it’s a caffeine headache. brain, please stop hating me. Yesterday I failed at my 1 cup attempt and had a second at 3pm.. but today, is a new day. I will need a game plan to thwart (thwart.. what a word) the coffee attack.

No second cup of coffee game plan:

  • When the urge hits, get a bottle of water and sip frequently
  • Eat a piece of fruit– this might help raise blood sugar and give me a natural boost
  • Chew gum if necessary for mouth action
  • If a headache comes on, take 2 advil and wait 30 minutes– I imagine this feeling like an eternity, good times.
  • If all of the above fail, leave the office, walk around the block, and get a cup of tea (the lesser evil?)

Okay mel. You got this. Remember to re-read at 3pm when you’re desperate.

Back to the morning: walking through the farmer’s market today I noticed a change in the produce. It’s becoming apple season! I freakin’ love apples. If I could date an apple, I would. Check out the scene– don’t lick your screen–or do, but make sure no one’s looking and then wipe it down:NYC farmer's market apples

Gorgeous. Hey apples- let’s make out.

… too far?

Fresh Fruit + Fructose

What a weird title. I was going for alliteration there.. “Fresh fruit + splenda”, not as catchy, right?

So this is day 5 of splenda free week. Yesterday was successful – 2 opportunities to use the stuff, 2 victories. However, it’s possible that I broke the rules. On Friday night, I grabbed a sugar-free RedBull to kick the night off. People, if I didn’t intentionally use the yellow packet, am I still in the clear?! Shoot. I think I’m still safe… mostly because I made this challenge so I can make the rules, and it makes me feel better to let that one go. Ha, oh Mel, you’re fooling no one.

This morning again I got Starbucks, but I forgot to put in the whole milk, and honestly it tastes like straight up coffee grinds. Not delicious. Sweetness, I miss you.

To make up for this bad taste that I continue to sip on, I picked up some fresh fruit this morning on my walk in Brooklyn. There’s a small store right off the Graham Ave stop on the L and the colors of all the fruit in there were rockin:


nice melons

nice melons

I grabbed some grapefruits and peaches and am eating a peach as I type this (which I will regret when my keyboard is sticky later). Fruit is delicious. Possibly goes better with coffee than carrots.