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Nighttime in McCarren Park

baseball in mccarren park

baseball game
tree in mccarren park
autumn tree
my ghostmy ghost

How to Be Productive on Saturday

There are two key steps to follow to set up a kickass Saturday:

Step 1) Don’t get drunk Friday night

Step 2) Wake up the same time you do during the week. If you can get your butt out the door to work for someone else, damn straight you should give the same attention to yourself.

Saturday morning I opened my eyes at 7:15am and rolled myself (somewhat painfully but I knew I wanted it) out of bed. Mike 1, Mike 2, and all of Greenpoint, Brooklyn was still asleep. So the morning was all mine. Small victory for mel.

I started the morning with an old standby breakfast: 1/2c oatmeal made with 1c water, blueberries, walnuts, and a drizzle driz of honey. Then I positioned it on the floor of my room to present you with proper lighting in this photo. Yes, I did feel strange arranging it on the floor.pre-run oatmeal breakfast

About 2 hours later I set out for a run. I was running short on time due to plans to meet my friends for an apple picking excursion (woohoo!) so I decided on an Ewald workout to kick more ass in less time. I hit up the McCarren Park track and felt really good about it. I only had 1/2 cup of the coffee also which is noteworthy. Mel – 1, coffee – 0.

Saturday morning workout:

  • .5 miles to the McCarren Park track
  • 8 pushups
  • 40 bicycle crunches
  • 10 reverse crunches
  • 4×100 sprints with 100 recovery in between
  • repeat steps 2 through 5
  • finish with another round of pushups and crunches
  • .5 miles back
  • stretch in front of my apartment while the old lady on the first floor watches me through her window and then says “i like watching you”. note to self: bake her some cookies and/or never get old.

I was surprised that the oatmeal kept me goin’ from 8am – 1pm. Nice. I then met up with my friends Sam and Hayley for a New Jersey apple picking adventure. It was glorious!

serious. business.

serious. business.

There were endless rows of apple trees. I kind of wanted to run through them like that scene in the Sound of Music and sing with the VonTrap family.


apple tree rows
We taste tested until we felt sick, naturally.

eating an apple

My basket of applefruits:

just picked apples

I arrived home exhausted and happy. It’s sad that September is already peacin’ out! Now I’ve got about 3 lbs of apples, and a pie waiting to be made. I hope. Someone call me and ask me where it is tomorrow so that I feel guilty. Otherwise there’s a good chance it aint happening.

At night I headed out to Staten Island to get wacky with some friends. In which 3 margaritas and an unknown amount of beer was drank went missing. Went to sleep at 3am. Woke up at 11.  And that, my friends, is how not to have a productive Sunday. :).

Mysterious Running Gusto

Maybe it’s because I’ve been cutting down on coffee, or maybe I’m made of magic; but my runs have been rocking and full of energy. I vote for the magic theory.

Yesterday morning I set out to do an Ewald workout, and unlike my last attempt, this one was very successful. I started my day at 6:15am with half a cup of coffee and a small piece of bread with jelly. I also had 7 solid hours of sleep behind me which I think makes all the difference.

My Tuesday run centered around the McCarren Park track in Williamsburg and looked like this:

picture courtesy of google. sweet bird.

picture courtesy of google. sweet bird.

  • .5 mile warmup to the track
  • 8 push ups (modified on my knees due to lack of pythons) and 40 bicycle crunches
  • 4×100 sprints with 100 recovery in between
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3
  • 8 push ups and 40 bicycle crunches (total of 3 sets)
  • 1 mile cool down

I was very happy with this workout and my chest is still sore today. I’d like to change my next Ewald workout up with some new strength moves and maybe 200’s instead of 100’s. Variety is the spice of life?

This morning’s run was equally awesome. I finally did a different route than usual, and ran over the Pulaski Bridge to Long Island City. This is a pretty cool bridge for me to run over in the morning because the total distance over and back is about 3.5 miles. I also get to look down onto the entrance of the Midtown Tunnel which is interesting. I like running over traffic. Maybe I’ll spit off of the bridge next time and see if I can hit a car. Just kidding..

But seriously.

A for Ewald Effort

This morning I set out to do an Ewald workout, i.e. more than a typical morning loop.

ewald arm

My alarm went off at 6:15am, and the sun was not out yet which made it painful. I’ve been using my tips from my morning darkness post to get myself up and out, and I’d like to add washing your face to the list. A nice slap of cold water always shocks the shit out of me.

Sans coffee, I left my place at 6:50 and headed towards the McCarren Park track in Williamsburg. My head was heavy with sleep, and was throbbing while I ran which was not a good sign. I got to the park which is about a 1/2 mile away, and felt out of it.

None the less, I pushed through the best I could and the workout looked like this (looks kinda weak, mel):

  • .5 mile run to the track
  • 4×100 sprints with 100 recovery
  • 2×30 bicycle crunches
  • 2×100 sprints
  • .5 mile run home
  • walk up and down the block and enjoy the blue sky until the head throb goes away

The grass was wet so I didn’t do pushups, but I go the crunches in on the side of the track. Yes, I could have done the pushups in my living room when I got in.. but I did not guys.. I did not. If Ewald knew he would scold me.

I feel semi-successful, which is more than nothing. Three cheers to best effort!

[Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!]

Night Run & a Coffee Trick

My morning run turned into an 8:15pm journey tonight. When? What? Gotta wait til the mood is right, and the run is that much more glorious.

I just returned from a great 4 mile sunset run that spanned Williamsburg: here. I also stopped at the track in McCarren Park and did 2 laps at a fast pace, so let’s tack on another .5 miles for an good 4.5– yes, every .1 counts :).

I’ve never gone past the Williamsburg Bridge into the South Side of the burg, but I wasn’t feeling the bridge because it’s sort of a one lane trap, which is a downer if you change your mind halfway (I do that often and then I’m screwed).

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Williamsburg, or Brooklyn for that matter, just imagine the last run you went on when you explored new territory that you’ve never seen before. Doesn’t it rock? One thing interesting about Brooklyn is that every 10 blocks the neighborhood completely changes. I went from hipster, to Hispanic, to Hassidic, and back. I’ve gone global.

Also, I’ve got a cool, probably done before, trick to share with you:

Mel’s “I don’t want to make a pot of coffee but need iced coffee now- Iced Coffee”! Instructions:



  • Add 1 heaping tsp of instant coffee (I use Folgers) to your mug
  • Boil a little bit of water
  • Pour about 2 tbs of water into your mug, just enough to dissolve the coffee
  • Add ice cubes & fill the rest with cold water
  • BAM! Iced coffee!

I drank that bad boy at 7pm in anticipation of running. Sometimes motivation comes in the form of caffeine. Sue me.

The Great Roommate Race

Aka the Great Mike Race.

So as you may (or may not) know, I live with 2 Mikes. We all shower in the morning, and somehow the timing has always miraculously worked out that we never overlap. Since starting my new job on Wednesday, I can get in to the office more around 9:30.. so I’ve been taking a little more time to get out the door; aka I’m drinking coffee with Mike 1 on the couch until 6:45.

If I don’t leave until 6:50, the pressure is ON to get back by 7:25 since Mike 2 gets in the shower at 7:30. Aaaah! THE PRESSURE! 





To beat the clock, I did a shorter loop this morning: here. I stopped on the way back at McCarren Park and did 2 sets of 10 push ups — the modified version with knees on the ground ‘cuz I’m freakin weak— and did a fast pace back to the apartment. I got in and it was 7:25 and I decided to push my luck and cram in some free weight shoulder exercises (thank you, workout kick, for coming back to me).

I tiptoed towards the bathroom at 7:30… to meet Mike 2 opening his door, towel in hand. DAMMIT. I need some mission impossible lessons from Tom Cruise. Tom, if you’re reading this, get at me. He graciously stepped down from the battle, and I showered like speedy gonzales. Thank you, Mike 2.

The roommate race is over, and I’m now enjoying my oatmeal and coffee at work.


It’s Friday time.

Self Inflicted Sore Butt

In honor of runapalooza, I crammed in a run yesterday while my laundry was going and I had dinner plans in about an hour and a half. That left me about 30 minutes to get a run in, and I was hoping for an ass-kicking workout to balance out the gorging that this weekend consisted of.

To get the most bang for my buck (butt?) I did intervals of sprinting and jogging, mixed in with walking lunges. I never do walking lunges–where did I pull this fancy move from? Let alone I definitely looked like an idiot lunging up Driggs Ave past tables of vegan-eating hipsters (not knockin’ it, just painting the picture).

So, today my ass is killing me, and I kinda love it. This morning on my run I stopped at the park and did push ups in the grass as well. This is like mini-Mel strength training, go team! … team of 1.

By the way if you’re near McCarren Park and are lookin for some eats, check out this place Urban Rustic, it’s all organic, local ingredients, very yummy:

urban rustic

In case you’re interested I got turkey, tomato, arugula, olives, and swiss, grilled on homemade whole wheat bread. delicious.