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Sufjan Stevens Gets Inspiration From Brooklyn

Attention music lovers and Brooklynites (and Brooklyn lovers?)

Sufjan Stevens will be releasing a multimedia set documenting a past performance in Brooklyn in 2007, apparently inspired by the BQE. Oh Sufjan – can I call you Suf?- I salute you. Get ready to grab it on October 20th.


In addition, he’s put together an instrumental album with some other folks. More info for you here.

Instant Pleasure

My return to running has once again reminded me why I’m obsessed with it. Running makes me feel good. Is there a better reason than that? Yeah there’s all that lifetime of healthy for you crap, but that’s kind of the long run side-benefit (long run? pun? bonus).

feelin' good?

Oh yes.

Running makes me mentally stronger instantly. I think this is why I have trouble sticking with a weight training plan–it’s much less immediate. Although I do know cross-training is worth it, and I’m aiming to make tomorrow an Ewald day. Click on Ewald if you want to read more about the “we are how we move” theory.

Coffee Side Note:

Yesterday was the first day in 2 weeks that I only had 1 cup of coffee. I’ve been out of control lately and my brain really is like mush until I drink 2 cups. Yesterday I had a busy day and didn’t have time to stop at 2pm to get second a cup. The result? At 8pm, it was the weirdest thing… I felt great. What? Great. Woohoo! This week I will try to stick to one a day. Then maybe soon none a day… which Matt the No Meat Athlete is currently attempting. Brave Soul. You can read about my thoughts on caffeine here.

Back to today:

I woke up before Mike 1 again this morning (which means no coffee brewed) and this time remembered my instant coffee routine but only took about 5 sips before leaving around 6:45am. I stuck with my 2.6 mile loop, and felt freakin’ awesome. I ran my last mile at 8 minute pace. Rockin!

Thanks again to you all for helping me get back into the game. Party on Wayne.

P.S. Instant Pleasure is a Rufus Wainwright song that’s pretty good. Check it out if you’re feelin’ crazy.

She Plays Guitar

Well… not yet.

But I just signed up for lessons at the NYC Guitar school starting next week. Woohoo! As you know (or may not know?) I’m big into music and am very excited about this.

mel hendrix?

mel hendrix?

Over the years I’ve made fragmented attempts at learning how to play: my older brother bought me a book for beginners and let me borrow his guitar for a little while. Then he moved out.. and that ended. Then a friend actually lent me his guitar and gave me one lesson, but it never followed through. Of course I couldve picked up the guitar at any point and began to teach myself but it didn’t happen. Bullocks.

But I’m thinking it’s just like reading, “It’s never to late”. Now I will officially have a lesson every week for two and a half months. Hell yes.

Who wants to be in my band?

Custom Running Music

Just came across this awesome site called Hella Sound that enables you to customize your perfect run music.

hella sound

How it works:

“We provide hard-driving original music, synced to your pace and built to burn calories. All of our songs are 30 minutes long and contain rhythmic and harmonic structure to help you stay focused during your run.

Hella Sound running music is original compositions produced in-house by an ever-growing group of artists—no remixes or mash-ups here. This provides several advantages over typical running music mixes.”

Pretty cool. I’m not sure if I could listen to one streaming 30 minute song, but I’m sure a marathoner in training would love this. Check out their site at hellsound.com for more info.

Taking it Nice & Easy

Whew, what a whirlwind yesterday was. Wizard of Oz twister style. I think I’m the witch under the house.

Today’s goal: Calm it down, and take it slow.

I did get my 3.2 mile run in this morning (here) which ended up being sans music because I left my ipod at work last night. The first thing I thought was AAaahh! No music?!?! But then I reminded myself that I’ve run without tunes before and I’m always grateful for it. I was right. Thanks for the advice mel.

I’ve been listening to music while I run everyday for so long that it actually took me a minute to remember my breathing rhythm sound because I wasn’t used to hearing it. Reality check: it’s important to run without headphones every once in a while to learn your body’s flow and absorb everything around you. I liked it. But tomorrow will include the music.

Since I’ve been running around like crazy throughout my week, I drank a glass of emergen-c as soon as I got in the door to help fight any possible on-coming illness. The flavor of the week is pomegranate, and this shot is during the foaming/fizzing action:

purple elixer

purple elixer

It’s 2pm, I’m at the office, and my goal of taking it easy is accomplished so far. Yes, there is a lot of work to do, but if I breathe in and out slowly (and continue to drink coffee) I will remain calm, cool, and collected. Did I mention cool?

Angry Run = Mission Complete

Following up on my earlier post about emotional running, my sadness built up today and turned itself into pent up anger; like churning milk into buttah.angry runI jetted out of work at 5:30 (yikes!) with running on the brain and went home, changed, and hit the pavement. When I say immediately, you might want to add in 15 minutes for the guy who successfully sold me a $40 haircut salon deal in Union Square. Why am I a sucker?

I put on my running playlist while I changed which pumped me up even more. Thank you Brandon Boyd.

Once I got out there, the air was so hot and heavy that I thought it would end up being my standard 3 mile loop, but I starting feeling better and better and kept goin’ down Bedford into a completely new neighborhood I rarely see. Yeyaaa.

I ended up running 4.5 miles here. Woohoo! This is about 1 mile more than yesterday morning. Mission impossible complete. I don’t need lessons Tom Cruise.

Product Review: Nike Motion Sport Headphones

Due to my last unsucessful attempt at getting new headphones, I continue to be on the hunt for a new pair to run in. This morning I ran 4.3 miles here, and tried out these new headphones:Nike Motion Headphones

The Nike Motion headphones have an oldschool set up, with a head band over the top of the head, but the ear pieces are similar to iPod headphones:Nike Motion Headphone Review

These are keepers! Sweet. Why I like them:

  • Even though the headband is a throwback, it works. Kept the earphones in place, no matter how I turned my head, etc.
  • The headband (is there a better name for it?) is adjustable so it was always just tight enough
  • The combo of the headband plus earbuds going in your ears also helps it to feels secure
  • The sound was pretty good

Downside mentions:

  • The earphones kinda hurt the inside of my ears, but I’m coming to the conclusion that I might have small inner ears. What a weird feature.
  • The headband causes a slight hair puff to occur in the front of my head. I’m just gonna rep it as the new look.

After running in 7 year old headphones with sound coming only in one ear, it was freakin’ awesome to have the full sound back!

A few readers and friends have recommended headphones like the skullcandy ear buds; but these are so tight within my ear that I actually hear my body too closely and miss the outside noise cues that I need to feel safe (but they rock at work ‘cuz I can be in my own zone).

If you’re in the market for heapdphones to run in outside that say put, allow you to feel in touch with the cues around you, and have good quality sound, give these a shot.

Note: I’m not a Nike spokesperson/advocate, this is just what the Best Buy on 6th Ave and 23rd St in NYC had to choose from. Nike: If you’d like me to be a spokesperson, email me and offer me money?… kidding.. (but really).


Update: The New York Times has another solution! Not sure about it though.