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Splenda-Free Week Recap

Splenda Free week ended yesterday, and I’ve definitely made some adjustments that will stick, and others that won’t. I started the SF week because I was consuming entirely too much of the artificial white crack  powder.

Adjustments over the past week included:

sugar in the RAW, baby

sugar in the RAW, baby

  • Using 1 or 2 packets of white processed sugar or sugar in the raw in my coffee (that is the lovely Gregory’s milk counter holding my coffee).
  • Adding only honey in my Greek yogurt
  • Steering clear of any sugar-free products, which means diet sodas, low fat jams, and what have you becuase they replace the sweetness by using splenda-like artificial products.

Overall, I didn’t feel different at all physically. The fake stuff never induced headaches for me, or gave me stomach aches. I DID feel cleaner, and healthier, every time I consciously turned it down.

So interestingly enough (or is this boring?), I don’t really feel a need to swear it off for the rest of my life. I’ve decided that I DO prefer 1 packet of the fake stuff in my coffee, but I definitely DO NOT need it in Greek yogurt, or in food products. I’m sure the Greek gods are smiling down on me right now, while munching on their olive branches.

No, i don’t think Greek gods really munch on olive branches.. probably just rock them as hats… where can I get an olive branch hat?

Fresh Fruit + Fructose

What a weird title. I was going for alliteration there.. “Fresh fruit + splenda”, not as catchy, right?

So this is day 5 of splenda free week. Yesterday was successful – 2 opportunities to use the stuff, 2 victories. However, it’s possible that I broke the rules. On Friday night, I grabbed a sugar-free RedBull to kick the night off. People, if I didn’t intentionally use the yellow packet, am I still in the clear?! Shoot. I think I’m still safe… mostly because I made this challenge so I can make the rules, and it makes me feel better to let that one go. Ha, oh Mel, you’re fooling no one.

This morning again I got Starbucks, but I forgot to put in the whole milk, and honestly it tastes like straight up coffee grinds. Not delicious. Sweetness, I miss you.

To make up for this bad taste that I continue to sip on, I picked up some fresh fruit this morning on my walk in Brooklyn. There’s a small store right off the Graham Ave stop on the L and the colors of all the fruit in there were rockin:


nice melons

nice melons

I grabbed some grapefruits and peaches and am eating a peach as I type this (which I will regret when my keyboard is sticky later). Fruit is delicious. Possibly goes better with coffee than carrots.

Starbucks Coffee: The Ultimate Test

Does anyone drink Starbucks coffee? Not one of those pre-made slush type drinks, just straight up coffee in a cup.  If not it’s probably because (a) you don’t like coffee – fair enough, or (b) you find Starbucks to be way too bitter. I am on the side of b, obviously. I usually need to put in at least 2 splendas in a small, and often times it’s still bitter! This stuff will put hair on your chest, except I definitely don’t want hair on my chest.

So this morning I decided to stop at a Starbucks, forgetting about the whole splenda shpiel (no idea how to spell shpiel). When I reached for 2 little yellow packets to make the drinkable, I remembered. NO SPLENDA. shit! So, I added a bit more whole milk than usual, plus only 1 sugar. the result? I could drink it!! Halellujah day 3!

I got home and set up shop:


And what goes better with coffee than a bag of carrots and celery? You got me.

Splenda Free- Day 2.5

This will be a short post, but it is a groundbreaking update for me.

I ate a 0% Fage yogurt with my lunch today, didn’t use splenda – only honey – I always use both, isn’t that insane? And it was STILL GOOD. Hallelujah! (I had to look up the spelling of that before I wrote it, fyi.)


I never thought it would be sweet enough without the splenda, and it definitely was. I think the key is not mixing it in too well so that the honey hits your tongue in a less diluted way. My apology if this is more detail than you wanted.

In other news: I haven’t run because it’s been raining here in NYC every freaking morning! WTF I ask you! Is this a lazy excuse? possibly. Do I like getting really wet when I’m half awake at 6am? negative.

Judge me if you will.

Splenda day 2: success.

Confessions of an Addict

About once every 2 months a light bulb goes off in my head about one particular item in my life that must be responsible for my lack of energy, or inability to sleep, or masterful ability to think I’m gaining weight every time i drink a cup of a water.

Last year, I blamed it all on coffee. Coffee was the enemy! I swore off my medium Gregory’s coffee (the best coffee on Park Ave in Gramercy), started drinking tea, and felt awesome. Slept better, and overall felt less dependent on something else for energy. Well–that phase is over as I sit here with my small Gregory’s coffee (progress?).

But, the time has come to root out a new evil: SPLENDA!


Confession: I put about 2 in my coffee every morning, plus 1 in afternoon tea (I’m not British but I do need a 3pm pick me up!).

Confession: I put 1 in my Greek yogurt everyday (see future post for that addiction)

Confession:Oatmeal? Splenda.

Confession:Peanut Butter & Jelly? Sugar free jelly. What are they using? Splenda!

Holy. crap. I probably average about 4-5 packets a day. That is too much articifial powder entering my bloodstream. Soon I am going to start growing a third arm and lose my vision. Oh, artificial sweeteners.. you may keep my thighs smaller, but who needs a third arm? (These side affects haven’t been documented yet). BUT HONESTLY. This stuff cannot be good for me in such high doses everyday. I’ve learned to have such an aversion to real sugar– using equal when splenda isn’t present, etc.– and I can trace this back to my childhood and the fact that my parents never used real sugar.

So, today starts day 1 of my week without splenda challenge. I’m excited to see if there are any differences in how I feel or how my body reacts. I’ll also have to get used to things being less sweet, as I use one real sugar packet while one splenda packet is probably about 4x as sweet.

Wish me luck, and stay tuned for a follow-up on how it went. Has anyone else been down this road?