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Listening to my Body

This morning’s run let me know that I might be getting sick again. Nooooo!

I passed out cold last night at 10pm, and woke up without an alarm at 6:08am. Love when that happens; natural awakenings feel so much better than abusive alarm clocks.

My initial plan was to run 3.2 miles, but once I got out on the road I felt an intensity in my lungs that wasn’t right. The feeling was similar to the sensation of your first run after getting over a cough. Besides my insides (the most important part?) my body felt strong.

I didn’t want to push the distance since I knew something was off, so I cut the 3.2 miles a little short and ran a 2.9 mile loop here. On the way back I felt really good, and my pace was definitely faster than usual. I like being able to feel improvement.

In coffee news:

On my way walk to the L train this morning, I stopped at Variety for a cup of coffee, and came across a new take on sugar; vanilla bean infused simple syrup (sugar water). This is the straight up way to add vanilla to coffee.vanilla syrup for coffee

Pretty cool. And tasty.

Splenda-Free Week Recap

Splenda Free week ended yesterday, and I’ve definitely made some adjustments that will stick, and others that won’t. I started the SF week because I was consuming entirely too much of the artificial white crack  powder.

Adjustments over the past week included:

sugar in the RAW, baby

sugar in the RAW, baby

  • Using 1 or 2 packets of white processed sugar or sugar in the raw in my coffee (that is the lovely Gregory’s milk counter holding my coffee).
  • Adding only honey in my Greek yogurt
  • Steering clear of any sugar-free products, which means diet sodas, low fat jams, and what have you becuase they replace the sweetness by using splenda-like artificial products.

Overall, I didn’t feel different at all physically. The fake stuff never induced headaches for me, or gave me stomach aches. I DID feel cleaner, and healthier, every time I consciously turned it down.

So interestingly enough (or is this boring?), I don’t really feel a need to swear it off for the rest of my life. I’ve decided that I DO prefer 1 packet of the fake stuff in my coffee, but I definitely DO NOT need it in Greek yogurt, or in food products. I’m sure the Greek gods are smiling down on me right now, while munching on their olive branches.

No, i don’t think Greek gods really munch on olive branches.. probably just rock them as hats… where can I get an olive branch hat?